Writing Group Accepting new members and submissions for new anthology


Local writing group accepting new members

Taking submissions for upcoming anthology, “Ticks and Quirks: Human Oddball Stories.”

Are you interested in science fiction? Fantasy? How about Horror? …. Then perhaps you might find your seat in the new writing group that is meeting once a month at Bob’s Bookstore in Charleston.  While the group is still pretty small, it has plenty of room for inspiring writers who enjoy such genres. They share ideas for writing topics, offer advice and even talk a bit about their lives – as we all know -life can be quite inspiring too!

Currently while the group is looking for new members, they have also inspired a new idea for an anthology titled, “Ticks and Quirks: Human Oddball Stories.” At their last meeting, they were speaking about some of the unique individuals whom they have crossed paths with as well as some interesting life experiences. After speaking for some time on the topic – they thought – how about we put together an anthology on these stories?!

Putting together a new anthology will be no problem – as the two who founded the writing group –local authors, Joshua Annis and Ariana R Cherry, have started their own publishing company, “Cherry House Press.” With the ideas and submissions from the help of the writing group and the experience of Cherry House Press, they will be able to print “Ticks and Quirks: Human Oddball Stories.” They will be taking submissions through September 15th.

If you are interested in joining the new writing group, “CIHFS Writers Group” (Central Illinois Horror/Fantasy/Sci-Fi) , or would like to share your story about a unique individual or life experience, come on over to Bob’s Book Store at 303 Lincoln Avenue in Charleston on Saturday August 25 at 7:00 pm .

You can also visit or message the group Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/CIHFSwritersGroup/.

For more questions about the writing group or submitting to the anthology, you can contact Ariana R Cherry at arianathepoet@gmail.com.

Published by Ariana R. Cherry

“Within the depths of our mind, we are battling the duel of light and darkness…good and evil…love and hate…” Between Light and Darkness is Ariana’s most recent collection of poetry… Cherry’s frequent message she delivers throughout her work is, “The journey through the darkness, back into the light.” Her hope is to let others know that they won’t be in that place of darkness for long – that they indeed can reach the light once again…She also wants her readers to know – that – it is okay if they find themselves in that bleak blackness…Sometimes we feel guilty for going to that dark place – but it is necessary to conquer the demons that battle our souls…. Other books that Cherry has written include "Only If" and "Twisted Paths Poetry." Her epic tale, “Only If,” won the “Reader’s Favorite Award” and a 5 star review…and her collection, “Twisted Paths Poetry,” received a 5 star review from Realistic Poetry International. She has been writing ever since she was a child. Some of her inspirations include Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Frost, Stephen King, Emily Dickinson, Christopher Pike and Shel Silverstein. Ariana writes a variety of genres: inspirational, humorous and horror – although writing horror is one of her favorites…. She was 12 years old when she read Poe for the very first time – which inspired her epic poetry tale, “Only If.“ During other parts of her free time, she enjoys taking photos and creating art. Her “day-jobs” include working as a church administrative aide and reporting for a local newspaper.

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