Eve’s Story-“Don’t Talk to Serpents” – An Autobiography


I am participating in the “Fast Track Bible Study” at the United Methodist Church…

One of the questions asked “to know more” to write a short autobiography of Adam and Eve… or the Tower of Babel…. I had some fun with Eve – and thought I’d share here what I wrote. I had fun writing this….Enjoy!

Eve’s Story- 
An Autobiography

I find myself sitting in this vast fruitful garden, contemplating exactly what just happened. It seems like such a whirlwind. One moment, I am in bliss, unaware of what could be in my world. And the next – I learn that there is such a thing called evil- and that I also need to cover my body…

Looking back… I blame the serpent. All was fine until I talked to him.

While my father had told me to stay away from that tree with its fruit…that nasty serpent told me it would be fine! But, my own wonder and the words of the serpent lead me to pick that forbidden fruit. And it tasted like no other! At once, I realized that I wanted to share the moment with Adam…. It only seemed right! And…he accepted.

Nothing felt wrong about it…Well….wait… Maybe a part of me wondered what God might think. But then once we realized what we had done… we were ashamed. So, Adam and I hid, hoping that God wouldn’t find us…

Guess I was wrong…and now my world has changed forever…. Advice – Never listen to a talking serpent.

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