Poetry: I Saw You


girl-3421489_960_720….The poem below was inspired by a recent Bible study we are doing in church… It was talking about consequences, discipline and if we were ever given second chances or if you received the consequences of your actions…

….While I am not sure about receiving discipline …. I do remember a time or two, of feeling alone… because of hard times that I had experienced. I am not sure if that feeling of being alone is similar to discipline (?)… Perhaps, me learning to listen was a lesson(?) … So in answer to such questions, this poem was formed… I thought I would share it here as well…


In my darkest hours,
in those most silent of nights,
during all my heartache,
I had thought I was alone.

I cried out your name…
…And then I prayed…
I waited for your breath to
breathe upon my heart-
to give my life a fresh start…

With faith,
and a hope to learn,
I had to find out
that while you might have been silent,
You still were there…


You see…in the midst of my grief,
I just could not feel you wiping away my tear…

But once the river flowed in,
that one tear became two…three…and more,
opening the floodgates of my heart.

And that’s when…

I saw YOU.


-Ariana R Cherry 2018

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