Poetry: Missing You at Christmas


With Christmas just a few days away, while it may seem joyous – for others, it can be a tough time… Sometimes, the holidays can bring on unexpected grief and make us miss those who have passed on even more… I have written a poem in light of that situation… I too can sometimes find myself thinking of all of those who have gone during the holidays – It can bring on a bitter-sweet type of nostalgia….

Everyone is walking down the
lighted Christmas decorated street…
They smile and seem so jolly,
but this time of year,
all I can think of are the distant heartfelt memories
as they play like an old record on repeat…

I sit by the warmth of the blazing fire,
listening to the comfort of its soft crackling,
but my wistful mind takes me to a more peaceful time
as I wish to see you arrive, once more, through the door…
Each passing year, I miss you just a little bit more.

To the bright twinkling stars,
I stare up above, with a listless hope…
I want to witness the child-like magic in the air,
but all that I can see…is that cold empty wooden chair-

And then once again I’m taken back to so many times ago,
A solemn tear dances slowly down my cheek, as I find myself
wishing that you were sitting right there…

There’s so much I want to tell you
There’s so much I want you to see
but every year, its you, that I see in the Christmas tree,
staring back at me…

…Deep down in my heart,
I know that even though I cannot see you,
…I can feel you…

You see – it’s the everlasting love
that keeps us from being completely apart.

Somewhere in this vast universe,
Even though you are not physically here,
it is through our hearts,
that we will still converse…

For now, when such times get too hard,
I’ll take our memories that we shared,
as your heavenly Christmas card.

*Ariana R Cherry 2018

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