Poetry: Words Whispered from Far Away (Advice for the New Year)




…Words Whispered from Far Away
(Advice for the new year)

There are words deep within thy heart,
threaded through the many active strands of my curious mind
that have been trickling through my awaiting fingertips
trying to find their place on blank paper…

The cryptic verses seem to be traveling from afar,
whispering songs to my open heart,
waiting for my pen to interpret the wisdom,
in which I hope to relay…

The words speak to me…slowly in such a mannerly way,
as I begin to write, just what it is,
this distant angel is trying to say…

…for this journey in life, it is short
and we aren’t guaranteed an absolute time of our stay…
Such items we surround ourselves with,
we must take time, to appreciate the joy in which they spark,
yet, unattach ourselves from them,
as they will be unimportant, when we depart…
…they are only things –
For we are eternal souls that will leave with light loads,
even if our hearts may be heavy at various times…

Surround yourselves with those who love and endure,
Gift others with compassion…
…Love – don’t take it lightly, and keep it pure.

We aren’t promised a smooth road ahead,
or even days that may bring us sorrow and dread…

Appreciate the life in which we’ve been gifted,
As much of these earthly things aren’t forever,
we do know one thing that will always be eternally true…
And that is love, in which our souls can
carry through and through…

Such advice, weights on this writer’s heart…
For she sees so many who are hurting inside as they are torn apart,
Life taken for granted…
Losses experienced from all over the lands…
It can be so easy to get caught up in it all
When darkness curtains over, and we can lose our balance and fall…

Life seems to be such a mystery,
Always wondering our purpose
and trying to find that special key.

We must not forget, we all will go home one day.
Our souls know the journey…
We soon will know, what will be.

But for today, remember to love…
Love with all your heart.
Cherish the memories…
And you can always rise,
even when it feels like your world is falling apart…

Someone always loves you.
Someone is always waiting to lift you up.

– Ariana R Cherry 2019

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