New ideas for Books & Collections



My muse seems to be working overtime…

While I have my own books and poetry collections to put together and our authors/anthologies from Cherry House Press to still work on. … I continue to get more ideas for other possible books…. I am not complaining about this “problem” though – just trying to figure out when I will get them all done….

My latest idea is this and I am looking for input- since it seems after research – it has been done many times…. And my new idea will actually be moving to a new genre that I have not really written much for: Religion/Spirituality…. Although – I do have one poetry collection from a few years ago that might fall into this genre….

So I have two ideas…..

(1)…. We have read first person accounts and stories about Jesus’s life from thousands of years ago in the Bible. I would like to put together a collection of modern day personal encounters with Jesus that people have experienced in their lives. I’d like stories of how he is still working in the lives of people today. Sometimes – I think it helps develop the faith of others when they read or hear personal stories. The thing is – this type of book has been published quite a few times…. How could I make this different – compared to other books?… (this is what I am thinking right now)….

(2). I would like to write a short non-fiction book with my interpretation of stories from Jesus’s life…. But perhaps – maybe in poetic form? (Or has this already been done?)….

These books of course, probably won’t be worked on until much later-as I have several things I need to think about…and one would require submissions and some research…..But if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions – I’d be happy to hear them! 

Comment below if you have input or ideas…..

(And yes , I know it’s strange…I have written for the genres of horror and poetry … And now….I’m venturing into religion/spirituality. I am a very flexible person and like to spread my wings)…..I am indeed…not “genre” confused….lol   Just enjoy a good writing challenge.

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