Poem: Free us from the Arctic Blast




…Venturing out into the arctic tundra chill
Where the bleak cold frozen air hangs so still…

Winter snow boots crunch upon the hibernating ground,
as the echoes of their journey are heard all around…

Frozen in time, ice dances across the window sills,
while my shivering hand runs across the pane, giving me cold chills.

Breath is fair, as my lungs attempt to
block out the raw polar air…

Such an intense arctic blast,
For all humans and creatures pray for
your short lived visitation,
in hopes, that this terrible Siberian abomination
will soon be a memory of the past…

This deadly chill is silent and lonely…
For we can only hope for a ray of sunshine and warmth,
to bring us relief and a sincere testimony.

– Ariana R Cherry 2019

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