Inspirational Poetry: Sing the Song


Sing the Song
There’s a burning passion deep inside my soul,
A part of my life that
I’ve been fighting for…
A power from within,
Even through the difficult struggles,
My soul’s song flowed through my veins…

In fact, the passion beats so hard
At my heart, that the desire
I have…
It hurts.

It pushes me to fly off of my safe edge,
Where I’ll sing the soulful words
that so
Easily write from my mind to my hand….

I have a passion…
Aching to be released,
Although it continues to beat
Through a stone wall of
Anti- confidence .

…my heart is aching,
As it begs for my soul to sing.
Release the lyrics from my fear,
Rise from my knees and
Come out from behind the hidden dark shadows…

Passion, release me and
Break the anti-confidence wall.
Sing the song
For everyone to hear.

Perhaps, there’s a message,
That will heed the call.

Ariana r cherry Feb 2019

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