Random Writings: God’s Plan? or God’s Path? Or – are they the same thing?


I believe that God has a plan for all of us… There is a path that we can choose to follow… Is that path the same as his plan?

When we are born, God has a plan for us. He has a plan to use us for specific purposes in this world. He blessed us with gifts and created us to be the person that we were meant to be. We also have a path to follow – but then there is free will too  – where we can go off the “path.”. And when we go off the path – sometimes we will get “nudged” to get back on it- but we have to be aware of those “nudges.”

So – if God has a plan for us – and there is a path – does that mean that it can’t change later on? Are we all predestined for the things that happen in our lives?  While God may have a certain plan in mind, things do change along our journey because of circumstances. Life happens. And while the plan may change some – the general idea will probably stay the same. Along the path and our journey – God will open doors and introduce us to people that will have an impact on the plan he has for us.

So – is God’s plan the same thing as the path? I believe that we can walk his path throughout the journey – so that we can carry out the plan that he has for us.

Some will also question – what about the bad things that happen to us in life? Is that part of his plan? Did God want that to happen to us? I don’t think God wants bad things to happen to us – but I do believe we all have a battle that we face at one time or another. Nobody’s life is perfect or squeaky clean. Many of us just experience different battles. But these battles can also be turned into something positive… We can actually become advocates and help others face similar circumstances that we have. Many things that happen in life are all part of a bigger picture.

Throughout our life, we have to look ahead and see what direction the light is flowing… We can listen to the direction of the winds as we walk down the beaten trail. When we feel the nudges in our heart, hear the soft whisper in our ear and have that “knowing” inside – that is God trying to push us along the twisting road. And if we get lost somewhere along the way – don’t fret. The winds might be still for a bit as the clouds hang low. Even the whispers may not be as audible. That path isn’t always smooth. But you will know the plan is in place, when a locked door suddenly opens and that stranger you knew nothing about – suddenly becomes very familiar and a vital part of your life.

God has a plan for us and has created the path… And we are on a journey – A journey with a guiding light, possibly a few wrong turns, rocky trails and smooth pavement. No matter who you are – you have a purpose and there’s a plan….

For I know the plans I have for you…. Plans to prosper you, and not harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future...” – Jeremiah 29:11






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