Poetry: Contemplating Life




Contemplating life and its abundant circle…
Watching the ole’ clock tick into the late wee hours
as it sneaks past midnight.

So much wonder on the curious mind,
analyzing this such life
and all there is to find.

Such a vast universe of never-ending space,
yet so many – can only see as far
as what is in front of their face.

Late into the silent night, when all is quiet and at rest,
I travel on an expansive journey.
My thoughts unpieced together,
Analytical thinking at its best.

How can one stay in such a small contained bubble,
close-minded, their heart unattainable –
Without compassion, love and faith –
it seems all that life would bring them is trouble.

My yearning soul seeks more –
More than what lies beneath,
more than what I can see above…
I dance far – to reach beyond.
There’s a passion to unlock that mysterious door.

Often, I look back on the slides of my life,
Reviewing and rewinding… the best…the worst
and all the troublesome days.
Time moves foreword so quickly, like a never-ending race
Sometimes, you need to slow down, just so that you can
experience that meaningful grace.

My mind, so full of thought,
Life is so sweet, yet short .
You grab at each memory
hoping the best is what you caught.

Yet, I try not to look at just the simple life in front of me –
because, our human soul is full of so much more…
Eternal and full of ever-lasting love…
a connection of our spirit, flying free.

Ariana R Cherry 2019

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