Religion and Spirituality: Which One? Or are they the same? Do we need to choose?


Religion and Spirituality: Which One? Or are they the same? Do we need to choose?

Each individual is here for a purpose. We are all on a journey… God has provided a path for all of us… It is up to us whether we choose to follow that path or not.

For most of my life, I have felt stuck somewhere between religion and spirituality. I don’t lean all the way towards either one – as I can see both sides of the spectrum. As I was reading an article, I came across an interesting quote: “Religion asks you to believe. Spirituality asks you to look.”

There are many individuals around the world with unique beliefs- all of them seeking a messiah/ God and all of them – on a path to the light. The light can lead to an eternal home, enlightenment, a new beginning or a collection of other spiritual paths. In the end, I think we all seek to be loved, to have a peace of mind and feel some type of completeness before we leave our physical body in this life. Our body is only a shell – our true selves – remain deep in our soul… Rooted by the love in our hearts.

When it comes to religion- I do believe. I believe in our Father, the son and holy ghost. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for us and he came back to life. I believe that Jesus loves us – all of us – as we are. He holds no judgement. I know that he loves me – there’s no doubt… I’ve been through the darkness and back – I know he is the light.

But – I also like to look. I research. I search for a deeper meaning of life and the reason we all are here. Our lives are all part of a much bigger picture than we can fathom. I know that people are brought together for a reason. We all play a role in life – and we can be an important part of someone else’s… This world is vast and full of wonder. How could one not search for deeper meaning and understanding?

Often though, I find myself in discussions, not fully engaging, as I do not like to try to “stir the pot,” or cause conflict… (which is why I do it quietly here on my blog). Sometimes I myself am a little confused with my “middle placement” between religion and spirituality. I am loving and accepting of all persons. And this world has much evolved since the days that scripture was written. There are scriptures that are quite relevant for today’s world and then others (the old Testament) which makes it confusing to understand how to associate them with present time.

I think though – that when it comes to loving others and showing compassion – perhaps my wonderment and question between religion and spirituality isn’t the most pressing issue at this time…  What the most important thing to do is – is show compassion to others, let them know that they are loved and allow them to feel accepted – no matter who or what they are.

….In the end – when someone asks – Religion or spirituality? I can say – I have faith. In the end, faith can lead me to love. Love also brings hope. We can hope that we are doing the right thing by loving others. And we can have faith – that in this life, we are on the right path – leading the way to light.

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