Dark Poetry: Forgotten Trail

Forgotten Trail
Wading through a dark muddy forgotten trail,
My tired legs sank low into the wet dirty ground,
like quick sand.
Somewhere along the way, I had gotten lost…
Not remembering how I got here.
Just feeling… “lost in the race.”
These peaceful outdoor nature surroundings
deemed unfamiliar,
The journey, seemed to be a secret
that nobody was telling me- not even my own memory.
Inside my mind, was a bleak fog…as if I hadn’t slept in days.
My eyes slowly peered around the dense forest landscape.
The cool air was moist and damp.
Tree leaves, wet with dew and sunlight peaked out
from puffy tired clouds.
At least I knew it was morning and my senses were awake.

Behind me, old shoe-prints had made stamps
in the sticky mud.
Perhaps…my footsteps?
Since they seemed to lead up to the place
from where I stood now.
But how the journey became here… I didn’t know.
I stood alone in a dense forest…lost…forgotten.
Did anybody miss me?
… Did I miss anybody?
For my name seemed to have swept my memory too…
As it was also lost, in this cool dense air…
At least I had the early morn’ sunshine,
For it whispered hello to me with its warm welcoming rays,
Not afraid of the stranger which stood before it.
I reached out to touch the invisible warmth,
hoping for a connection.
And then, curiously, I went to touch the dew that lay so softly upon the fresh green tree leaves…
Although, my finger didn’t quite meet the leaves,
As it seemed to go right through them…like air touching air.
So I attempted to explore the rough tree bark
that stood so tall before me…
But – I could not make contact with it either.
I stared at a puddle of muddy water below…
It had no reflection gleaming back at me…
But yet, footprints were behind me,
Leading to a lost forgotten trail.
Ariana R Cherry April 1 2019

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