Spoken Poetry Reading: Visitor of the Night

Sometimes, poetry can tell stories, like this piece. And sometimes…they can be a bit scary, or perhaps…mysterious. Get ready for a short thrill from my narrative poem that I wrote titled, “Visitor of the Night.” Follow along with the poem below as you listen…


Visitor of the Night


Within hours after midnight,
storm arose from the cloudy skies.
She sat up in her chair,
awakened, unable to sleep
to the howling winds
that called out in her dreams.

Curled up with a notebook in her lap,
she journaled the events of her day,
hoping to give her some peace
to nod off and sleep.

Only sleep seemed to be on pause tonight,
as the winds outside continued
to blow harder with force.
Lightning flickered the sky
and she held her blanket tighter
wondering what was to come next.

As the howling came at a hiss,
thunder crashed and
the power flickered.
Within seconds,
she found herself alone
in the darkness,
gripping her pen and notebook.

The wind outside seemed to mutter in code,
as the trees danced in sync.
Lights flickered on and off
in a light rhythm
as if speaking in its own language.

“Hello?” she called out to the darkness…
The wind blew, dancing its fingers through the
chimes outside.

Within her heart, she felt that same familiar tug,
a chill crawling through her back…

“Why do you come to me?”
another question, blurted out
into the night.

Her heart, responded, beating in quick small rhythms
as the wind pounded at her door,
She stood up,
with force and stated,

“I’m not afraid of you!

and with beating heart, she recited the verse
that she knew best…

“The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not want…
He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the
paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the
shadow of death; I will fear no evil…”

The wind pounded harder with force
as the words struck each chord
and then the loudest thunder
clapped within the universe.

The howling subsided,
and a light began to
burn throughout the night.

*Ariana R Cherry

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