Spoken Word Poetry Reading: Time Trip After Midnight


An audio reading of my poem, Time Trip After Midnight


Click on the link below to listen to the reading and follow along by reading the poem…

Spoken Word Poetry Reading: Time Trip After Midnight

Time Trip After Midnight

After the midnight bell has tolled
and the harvest moon danced behind dark clouds,
I’ve become lost and entangled with cryptic thoughts.

Down the rabbit hole I’ve spiraled
with just enough light to spark a faint star.
Mysterious thoughts evoke a ghastly passion
that I can not chase away…
The questions that come to mind imprison my imagination
taking me on a mystic trip beyond our farthest universe.

For the whispers of the night,
tell me how time has no concept in a life hereafter…
But here, as I lay awake on this psychotic mind trip,
the chimes of an antique grandfather clock echo throughout the halls,
remind me of the sleep that has not gifted me grandly.
Time is all that lies heavy on thy heart,
as it seems there is never enough…

But the wise whispers remind me of the deep rest
that shall overcome me one day…
For now, time shall not haunt me
and I should live as if it has no meaning nor concept…

And yet, I lay awake, listening to the chimes,
their bells reminding me that time should not persuade my soul…

For while this life is short,
The journey seems long as I try to escape
from a tainted rabbit hole
searching for that faint light that lit up my star
on this mystic trip that traveled beyond our farthest universe.

*Ariana R Cherry 

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