Spoken Word Poetry Reading: The Outcast

Have you ever felt like an outcast?  There are those of us that feel “different” compared with others- those of us that walk to a different beat of the drum….

Listen to the “Outcast”  below by clicking on the link. You can also follow along by reading the poem below too…





I’d rather not say that I am insane,

My mind will not comprehend such a thing,

Nor would appreciate you to suggest so…


But it is absolute pain that erases the numbness..

Not a smile, laugh, frown, sadness…

Or your hand upon my knee…

It is blunt pain, that paints such a villainous smirk on me.


For it is the putrid bright lights that make me uncontrollably weep,

And the darkness which instills joy…

Singing me a haunting tune to which I dance and leap…


I must honestly confess that while my heart is twisted,

I cannot lie,

But something softly touches my blackened heart

When a harvest moon falls from the bleak sky….


People have banished me

And left me for dead…forsaken

They robbed me of my stars.

An outcast I was wretchedly marked,

So excuse me, if I choose darkness instead…


While such a heart as mine is a bit deranged,

It shall not mean that it is stone cold,

For my bitter tears flow in the frigid air under the dim moonlight…


I was left to survive


Marked to be an outcast…

and an innocent hope…


Banished to live in torturous darkness instead….


Into the shadows, I creep

And under the midnight sky, I weep.


To all the mortals who have banished me…

Who marked this crushed spirit an outcast,

I was just born into darkness,

As I carried the burden of utter loneliness

And my pain,

Was the only thing

That set me free.


written by Ariana R Cherry

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