What Do you think a “calling” or “life purpose” means?


life-1426252_960_720Awhile back, I purchased a journal titled, “Choose Your Own Journal” that has 10 different journals all wrapped up into one. When you open the book to the table of contents, you see the title, “Choose Your Journey.” Under that title, you see subtitles such as “Destination Journey,” Humanitarian Journey,” Spiritual Journey,” “Self Improvement Journey,” “Spiritual Journey,” and a collection of a few others.

From those titles, you can decide which “journey” you want to take. Throughout the book, it gives you prompts to write on. I find that this journal makes you think and opens your mind to other possibilities. If you like to journal- this might be a book that you could check it out.

One favorite writing prompt I have enjoyed so far is, “What do you think a “calling” or “life purpose” means… I thought that I would share my answer here on my blog…

A calling or your life’s purpose is what you were put on this Earth to do. God gives us all gifts that may sometimes help us fulfill that purpose. We all have a “journey” in life and God has a purpose for each and every one of us. Sometimes that purpose isn’t always related to your career. Your purpose could be humanitarian, to befriend someone, be a parent, lead an organization, take part of a special movement or even something in the arts. Our purpose for life has endless possibilities. Your life purpose could be how you can touch someone else’s life, or even multiple lives. ”

I’d love to read your commentsWhat do you think a calling or life purpose means?



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