Poetry: Captivity Within


(Listen to this poem, “Captivity Within” on Ariana’s podcast, “Spoken Word Poetry Podcast” by clicking on this link —->    https://anchor.fm/ariana-r-cherry/episodes/Spoken-Word-Poetry-Captivity-Within-eacao5

Follow along by reading the poem below…. 


Captivity Within

Caged with the tedious thoughts that inhabit thy mind,

I search for silence within.

But then, there’s the demanding trolls, who live deep inside,

hitting their gongs that make my ears ring.


They try to bound my free flowing imagination, holding it in a darkened prison,

and taking my soul for ransom.

Within my heart, I scream to be freed from this torturous bondage.

For they cannot keep my love from such imprisonment.

These trolls do not believe in one’s will,

so they steal souls, making them un-free.

But what they don’t know, is that my spirit has a life in eternity.

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