A Note to everyone on planet earth regarding the COVID19


I’ve been trying to figure out how to respond to all of this and have been silent aside from sharing links and advice. I usually don’t post a lot during things like this, because on social media, you really have to watch what you say… People are quick to judge or take offense… So I will be very careful in this post…

Never in my lifetime, would I have ever dreamed I’d live through a pandemic. The thing is, most of us are in that boat. Most of us have never lived through one, given the last actual stated pandemic was in 1918.

That being said, we do not know how to live through a pandemic. None of us do. We are all blindly going through this to the best of our ability. Our officials are speaking with each other, trying to figure out the best course of actions to take in our communities- whether the virus has hit or not in our hometowns… And even if it has not, we do need to be cautious, because none of us are immune.

We must show respect to those in charge who are making decisions – whether it be for businesses, our communities, schools, worship centers or any other type of organization. These decisions that they make are not made lightly, as they are all made for our own protection…

We need to keep in mind, there are other people around us. People need to stop shopping selfishly and acting as if there will be no tomorrow. Save food for others. Save essential hygiene products for others. Shelves are going empty, because people are in a panic. The reason they are doing such things, is that they really don’t know how to act. They are scared, so the one thing they can control, is how much food and supplies they have in their home. It is a psychological thing. While I am not saying what they are doing is right, this is one big reason it is happening.

If you find yourself at home more right now, enjoy the time you have and try to live as normally as possible. Spend more time with your family and children. Pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read. Watch that movie you have been wanting watch… Clean that closet you’ve been wanting to clean… Or pick up that hobby you wanted to start. Our homes should be our place of comfort and free from stress…. Enjoy your home during this time. Your home should be your oasis…..

Most of all, pray for our leaders, our families, those on the front line of this virus, pray for our communities and all of those who are ill….

Right now, we are all battling the same thing. We are in this together. You are not alone. All we have right now is each other. Right now, our nation and world has never felt as small as it does right now…

…..We all must cooperate and stick together…. It is not a competition. Help your fellow neighbors…. We are family.

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