Inspirational Poetry: ONE WORLD

I see chaos and protests on the news
of the impatient…
I see politicians taking bites out of one another…
… the sick, are fighting for their lives
and the doctors and nurses desperate for a release…
Workers on the front line, working longer hours and harder
than ever…
Citizens, staying at home more….
Some employed,
some not.
Students pulled away from their friends,
now at home with their families,
who have brought school to their kitchen tables.
A world changed in an instant…
A world, mourning for a life that was,
and may never quite be… again…
Change is in the air,
Some countries have tried to promise to cease fire,
while others still sit to think and inquire…
But to do so, we would finally have world peace for a time…
Although, the only thing I can think of,
is what if that world peace could stay forever…
Even in a world that is changed
…. even in a time, where some of us try to join hearts together,
even if some refuse….
We pray for hope
We pray for a cure…
And even though we are tired…
we continue to endure….
…..After this all finally over,
and perhaps, health is restored,
Things can come out looking just a little bit better.
We just need to fight
With all that we have….
and all that we are….
We are …. after all..
One world.
-Ariana R Cherry 2020

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