The New Normal (COVID19) 4 weeks gone by… Changes, protests & political differences


It has been four weeks of Sheltering in Place… The second extension is set to expire on April 30. In the news, we have seen a retaliation of protesters who are wanting relief from “Stay at Home Shelter” orders across many states. Some of them being in my home state of Illinois in Springfield.

The governor also canceled in person learning for the rest of the year. All students will be learning remotely from home until the end of the school year. This means seniors had the rest of their senior year taken away – no prom, perhaps not even a chance to walk down the aisle with their classmates and have a graduation…

IHSA (Illinois High School Sports Association) canceled all sports for the spring season…. Meaning senior athletes won’t get that last run on the track field or even the last crack of the baseball  bat…  In some form, Illinois seniors and senior athletes will be finding creative ways to be remembered and honored…

Large meat packing companies such as Smithfield and Tyson have had to close because workers have become sick with COVID19. This could disrupt some of the nation’s food supply…

Political figures are being badgered for the decisions they are making and some governors are getting too antsy about reopening up their states – even after the federal government creates guidelines to follow for safely opening up their states again in steps after positive cases and deaths would start to decline.

The world is chaotic. In between those chaotic lines though, there are some glimmers of hope of individuals reaching out to help others – whether it be having birthday drive-by parades, remembering seniors by driving around a brightly lit football field or having meaningful celebrations and discussions via video communication platforms such as ZOOM or GOOGLE MEET.

Thank goodness for technology, or most of us would feel completely alone … It has already began to take a tole on some individuals and families, as they long to see family members and friends. Some miss dining out, attending worship services, going to events and many other types of social outings…

And the thing is – the “Shelter in Place” has only been a month … And even when restrictions slowly start to lift little by little, things will not be completely “normal.” This won’t be over until a treatment is found or a vaccination is developed. In public, it is possibly many will be required to wear masks, asked to continue to practice social distancing (staying six feet away) or even requiring temperature checks at the door of public places…

… The normal we had before all this , we may not get it back for some time, if even at all. I believe this pandemic may change life as we know it, and it may change us as people. Many of our lives changed in a short amount of time and we have had to learn to adjust.

Changes are in the air, chaos is on the streets, but there is hope waiting for us beyond the darkness… We just need to make it back to the light.

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