Spoken Word Poetry: Poe is Out

For the longest time,
she hid within the darkest
part of the secret woods,
awaiting to make
her big appearance.

Years ago, she escaped there,
to get away from the
noisy obscurities of the world.
Too much reality
had poisoned her sacred innocent soul…. 

(Click below to listen to “Poe is Out”)

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Have you ever sat and wondered what your purpose was in life? Have others tried to tell you what your purpose is? Only deep down, do we know what our purpose is in life – we just need to listen to our heart and follow it to know what that might be. Perhaps you will identify with this spoken word poem, "Purpose."  Feel free to visit our anchor store at "Cherry Art Wares" where you can browse journals, original artwork, and books from a variety of authors.  Shop today at http://cherryartwares.art  — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/spokenwordpoetrypodcast/support
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