A poem that I wrote…. Just depicting today’s chaos in our society and how there is so much disagreement on just about everything…


We are all exquisite unique individuals born with our own original traits.

We all come from different walks of life, full of personal stories.

Those pages of our stories have glimmers of hope, happiness and pain.

Everyone has something to lose, something to gain.

Not one of us are the same.

In a crowd, one shout may be heard louder than others,

but there could be one who remains silent,

in respect for his sisters and brothers.

He may not carry the exact same beliefs, but he does carry love in his heart,

so his ears still listen to keep the peace.

There is shouting across the world,

Divide within the nations.

My sisters and brothers, I question you this:

Have you forgotten that the one thing that unites you

together is love?”

We are a world stricken in chaos…

A world that has gone ill with sickness!

Yet the masses continue to fight…

But they aren’t doing so in unity!

Everyone all argues, about what is wrong and what is right!

We are all exquisite unique individuals, made by the hand of God.

Stop seeing all the wrong and telling people where they don’t belong!

This is our home. This is our one chance.

None of us are the same…

So stop treating life like it’s the end game…

Put your hands in the air…. and dance!

because everyone has something to lose, something to gain

and nobody is the same.

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