Original Written Poetry: If We Worked Together

If We All Worked Together

I remember a time, 
when it was okay to give and receive hugs
And now, within this new world, 
without that special touch,
The emotions of my heart, 
it feels all of those desperate tugs.

Every spectrum of this fight, 
the left, the right…
They are all in this battle, 
unhappy about politics, new rules,
As it creates every day stress,
But when you think about it,
Sometimes it seems so petty,
Because there are others, 
taking their last breath.

I grieve for a world I used to know, 
that wasn’t that long ago
There are times, that I worry, 
the feelings that I have,
on my face, it might show.

This “new normal,” this, “new world,”
it is not something we have faced before.
Every man, woman, boy, girl, 
every part of human race…
In every aspect of this sickness,
It’s affected all of us to our core.

You see, we all keep fighting…
about what is wrong, what is right,
But don’t you know… can’t you see?
You’re fighting the wrong fight!

I know we’ve been handed new rules,
But this isn’t a game.
This is life.
It’s about protecting others,
Staying alive!

I know deep down, you’re hurting,
even with that smile on your face.
I know, because, I am hurting too,
But I keep going on day after day, 
carrying my faith.
Even if it feels very 
heavy some days.

For now, this is our new world…
“The New Normal,” they call it.
We’ve lost a few things… temporarily
But some, have lost friends and family.

We all pray, that this isn’t forever,
That things will get better.
And even though some 
have put up a wall,
It could be easier, 
if we all worked together.

Ariana R Cherry 2020

#originalwrittenpoetry, #poetry, #virus, #politics, 

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