“A Normal Kind of Love”

A True Story

A Domestic Abuse Program


“A Normal Kind of Love” is a special program depicting the journey through the darkness back into the light told through poetry and storytelling. “A Normal Kind of Love” also touches on a true story of domestic abuse and what it can do to us both emotionally and physically… This program is ideal for women’s groups, organizations that deal with abuse, conventions and other type of fundraising events.
Author & Artist Ariana R Cherry uses poetry, music and story-telling to convey her personal story depicting her walk through the darkness back into the light… Her hope is to bring both awareness of domestic abuse and healing for those who have experienced it.
Ariana R Cherry has presented her program at the following events:
  • “Art & Equality” Convention in April 2018
  • D.O.V.E. Candlelight Service in October 2018.
  • Arthur United Methodist Church: February 21, 2019.

Details about the program: The presentation is about 30 minutes long. It will require a sound system to play the sound-track that accompanies her poems. Her music is on a CD/flash drive. She also needs a willing media specialist who is able to play each track at the beginning of her poems with the provided “script.” Ariana does not require a fee for this presentation but does accept love offerings which she can use to distribute back towards the community and/or other charitable organizations. She may bring along a few of her books & artwork for audience to view/purchase after the presentation. Ariana is also available for a small question/answer period after it is over.

Contact Ariana R Cherry at arianathepoet@gmail.com or at “A Normal Kind of Love’s” Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/NormalKindofLove/ for more information about her presentation or to book it at your next event.

A Normal Kind of Love Chapbook is available on Amazon in both Kindle and print. A Normal Kind of Love: The Chapbook https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NDW6HRV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_TScCCb2CART69

Listen to poetry readings and trailers for, “A Normal Kind of Love” below on Youtube.

TRAILER: https://youtu.be/401qRVaTSOc

An Unfairy Tale Kind of Love Poetry Reading: https://youtu.be/GW54NRUAs3s

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