Original Poetry: Searching for Serenity

I wrote a poem about looking for peace in a chaotic world… Sometimes our world gets a bit noisy, and you try to find a patch of peace- wherever you can get it.

Sharing a project: Cool new hanging wall art I have created

As I have been trying to feel my way through opening an Etsy store and work towards a goal of selling both my art and poetry together, I found a neat new way to “mash” it all together. I found these cute cute hanging ceramic wall signs that I could customize with my art and poetry…

Below is my first sign that I created. I added my “Purple Moon Art” and the poem about the purple moon to this specific sign. It is now listed in my Etsy Shop. I’d be interested to know what others think of this product or if it is a good idea? … There is a link to this specific product in my Etsy shop as well.

Thanks to all of those who read my blog and continue to visit it! 🙂

Purple Moon Ceramic Sign: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1063936724/ceramic-wall-decor-purple-moon-art-with?ref=listings_manager_grid

Where do you find inspiration for art?

I have been submerging myself back into my art again and trying to post it online in my Etsy shop and also building a website with my products as well. Building a website and putting your art for sale can be a bit exciting, yet a little scary, because you don’t know if it will sell or what others will think of your art… I’ve always wanted to try to sell my art but I’ve also wanted to combine my poetry and my art (I am working on that as well). What comes easy to me though, is inspiration for art. I can look outside, listen to music, watch a movie and look at other art and be inspired. But for others, I understand that isn’t as easy. Below are just a few places where you can find inspiration for art.

Photos of Late Fourth of July fireworks in central Illinois

As we all know, in 2020, many things were canceled because of the COVID19 pandemic. And then this year, the town where I live in Illinois, tried to schedule fireworks two different times the weekend before the 4th of July – but the weather interfered and they were canceled once again. Because the town where I live is quite famous for its fireworks, they were rescheduled for Saturday, July 31. Thankfully, this time, the weather cooperated and it felt like a nice fall evening instead of an uncomfortable summer one. I was able to take some photos of the fireworks and a few actually turned out pretty decent….

YouTube Shorts: The Moon Knows my Heart Poem

So I am not sure if this is a new thing – or I just noticed it the other day, but I saw where Youtube is allowing creators to make “shorts,” similar to short videos found on “Tik-Tok.” I thought – what a perfect opportunity to create some short poetry videos! I recently created a Poetry ACEO card and thought I would recite the poem on it and add a little music and falling stars with it…. Below you can see the card I made (which is for sale in my Etsy store), and the very short video that I made.

“The Moon Knows my Heart.” ACEO Art Trading Card

Echoing Emily: (Poetry: May-Flower & October-Vampire)

I have written another poem for my project, “Echoing Emily,” – where I take a poem written by Emily Dickinson and rewrite it in my own words but still trying to mock her style.

Art on Etsy (Full Moon Art)

I’ve been creating ACEO/ ATC (Art Trading Cards) and listing them for sale. I’ve slowly been creating unique journals too… although I’ve created more art than the journals and notebooks. If you haven’t stopped by yet, check out some of my listings that I have on Etsy. Perhaps you may find a few that you like !

Below are a few of my current prints. Click the link to check out my Etsy Shop! https://www.etsy.com/shop/FullMoonArtbyAriana

My next new poetry project

I was at Barnes and Nobles for my birthday a few days ago and I came across an Emily Dickinson poetry/sketchbook. It had several of her poems and blank areas to sketch in. I decided to pick it up since I am a fan of her work. Although, I wasn’t going to sketch in it. I decided that on the blank page next to her poem, that I would “echo” her poem written in somewhat her style, and changing it up a little bit by turning it into my type of poem. After doing this, this lead me to my next new poetry project. It will be titled, “Echoing Emily.” I am going to choose a selection of Emily Dickinson’s poems and then twist them around a bit to make them my own while still using her style…

Below is my first try at “Echoing Emily,” along with an idea for my book cover.

My book cover idea….
Emily DIckinson Sketch book.

Spoken Word Poetry | Poem: Hazy Smoke | Original music track | Poetry Read by the author | Piano

The poem, “Hazy Smoke” is a spoken word poetry reading with an original piano music track and synth pads. It is poetry read by the spoken word poetry artist, Ariana R Cherry. Poet Ariana R Cherry searches for her dreams and beyond what this life could be… What do you see when you try to uncover the mist of all of your undiscovered dreams?

Dreaming away in a hazy smoke,

dancing under a crescent moon,

I remember all that I was, all that I have been…

To watch more videos and know when Ariana posts new poetry videos, be sure to like and subscribe to her channel on Youtube.

Learn more about poet, Ariana R Cherry by visiting: http://www.arianarcherry.me

Listen to Ariana’s Poetry Podcast at: https://anchor.fm/spokenwordpoetrypod

Support Ariana’s Youtube Channel by shopping at her Art & Publishing company,

Full Moon Inspirations. https://fullmooninspirations.com/

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Spoken Word Poetry | Simply Stardust | Original music track | Poetry Read by the author

I am continuing to create my own track with my spoken word poems. This is another poem in which I created music for. As I create more, I hope to compile them into a poetry album soon. Once I have that completed, I will post about it here on my blog. I also hope to have a new poetry collection out sometime later in the summer or in the fall sometime. Stay tuned! This specific poem is titled, “Simply Stardust.” I have posted a few versions of this poem in the past, but this one is a spoken version of it. I hope you enjoy it! It is short, but meaningful.

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