If you missed this past Thursday night’s episode, you can listen to the recording. We spoke to Bruce Goble, (A.K.A.: Armand Tesla). Listen in to hear how he became so creative- making everything from homemade instruments, piano music and poetry. Bruce Goble is a multi-talented and inspirational fella!



I’ve  been taking piano lessons for a little while – it is something I have always wanted to do… And I learned how to play “Fur Elise.” This is a mix between steady tempo and a bit of jazzy added to it… Keep in mind – I am a beginner… Enjoy!

“…without poetry….or “fine tuned literature,” we would not be able to describe or write our emotions that bury themselves so far deep in our hearts….or those that hide behind the deep dark doors in the back of our minds.
Words are our escape – the way to express our feelings – when we can not express through our frightened closed tight mouths.”
-Ariana R. Cherry


….I am not a person who likes to give in…and finally ask (or whine) “Why me?”….For me to do so – I have to be in a lot of pain…or extremely frustrated.  If my situation doesn’t seem to be going well – I try to remember – there is always somebody who could be hurting much worse than me or in a less desirable situation….But – sometimes – having that strength can be really hard to keep going….Sometimes, I too fall….and have to ask that big guy upstairs….”Why me?!”

I’ve been dealing with yet another health issue (on top of the ones I already deal with: IBS, Diverticulitis, Asthma, Diabetes and PTSD)… Thankfully – most of those are being controlled and I don’t experience a lot of issues with them….I have an occasional flair up with IBS and Diverticulitis and my Diabetes is presently controlled… After a couple years of counseling, I understand PTSD – and that too – has become better managed and I understand triggers….

Now, I deal with something else….(which I may have already mentioned)…Interstitial Cystitis. It is basically an irritated lining of your bladder which can feel like a really awful bladder infection if left untreated. You have to avoid acidic foods  and drinks … I have only been able to drink water, milk and blueberry smoothies…and an occasional decaffeinated peppermint or vanilla flavored tea, etc… I even had to give up chocolate.. (so hard to do!)… But I had been doing well. I’ve been receiving treatments and also was given a medication…. until…just a couple days ago…

I got so tired of drinking water, milk…and even my smoothies….I really craved some sparkling water.. (which was carbonated)… well… yes – I was weak…and I  had a small can and now I regret every moment of it….I only had a small amount of pain…. and I thought that was it… Well – I also was stressing over a few other things in my life. And – I found out that carbonated water and stress…did not like my bladder. So I awoke this morning (Friday) in agonizing burning horrendous pain…. I had plans to go swimming today… to enjoy the weather outdoors. All of that changed the moment I opened my eyes. So, I lay in bed most of the morning, contemplating if things were important enough to get out bed because it hurt too bad to walk…And in that moment, I had to ask…”Why me?”

I understand everyone has things they go through in life, but in my weakest moments, I have to wonder and ask – ‘Why do I have to endure this pain? Haven’t I been through enough?!.”… And it is so easy to wonder if you are being punished… But I have to remember – we do have a loving God – and so surely – he does not want me- (or anyone else) to hurt…. But I have to wonder… What is the meaning of all this when you look at the larger picture? (And then I tell myself – “Buck up! …there are people with cancer, fibromyalgia, lupus and so many other worse things.”  And then I also say – I am also alive! …. even through gritted teeth, I must be thankful for the things right in front of me….

As my day continues, I get out of bed finally… get dressed, and move to the couch, where I stay most of the afternoon… But I did get out of bed…And by evening, I felt okay enough to go out to eat with my bf to somewhere that cooked some delicious home-cooked food – had nice waitresses and it was a quiet family restaurant…. That did feel good after being in pain all day…

And by evening, some pain still lingers, and I only pray that I will feel good enough to rise in the morning to face my day… I am determined not to allow such things to get me down… I may ask and retaliate–and whine…”WHY ME?!”…and have my weaker moments…And I may not understand the larger picture right now. But one day – maybe I will….. I feel like my entire lifetime has been one huge test of how much pain can I actually endure? ….but I continue my fight to stay positive and remember – there are so many others out there who are hurting…. and I am no more important than they are…



Our first episode of Night Moves Radio aired Thursday evening at 8pm Central. While it was a good show, we did have a few technical glitches – as we all know – the first time with things seems to never be perfect . It makes for good learning though….If you missed it live, you can tune in by clicking on the player below. Our guest was musician and author, Howie Bentley.

Make sure you tune in next Thursday at 8pm Central as we speak to musician/writer, Bruce Goble/Armand Tesla.




Tune in this Thursday on BlogTalk Radio and Youtube and listen to Josh and Ariana as they kick off their first episode of Night Moves Radio (The R.I.F.T. Network) and talk with Howie Bentley, both an author and musician, the founder and lead guitarist of the bands Briton Rites and Cauldron Born and the writer of sword and sorcery and planetary romance tales collected in the “Swords of Steel Anthologies” and his new novel, “Under a Dim Blue Sun.”

Ariana and Josh will air simultaneously both on YouTube and Blog Talk Radio so you can watch and listen…. During the first half, they will speak about their plans for the show, background in writing and music and future upcoming guests….

Also- they will be having a contest where listeners can win a free prize… Be sure to tune in carefully to the first part of the show, so you can have a chance to win! Ariana will be giving away a free prize to the winner of the contest….

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I am about to embark on a new journey …. “Night Moves Radio” with “The R.I.F.T. Radio” Network.  I co-hosted on a few episodes of The Rift and then was offered to do my own show and am quite excited. We will be interviewing authors, artists and musicians on Thursday evenings from 8 to 10 pm Central time.

I will be doing the show with my bf and co-host, Josh Annis – who is quite knowledgeable when it comes to music and books…  He tends to stay in the “under-ground” as he calls it – Main-Stream music is probably something that makes him physically ill.  Many people that we will interview will be independent authors,  musicians and artists – and giving them a voice to be heard…

The night has come…
A pale moon shines below
and the stars are twinkling lights…

It must be time for Night Moves Radio…

We’ll be moving to the groovy music, getting lost in the words and be entranced by timeless art….


We also are on the search for musicians, artists and authors… If you’d like to be a guest on our show or know of someone who would – send them our way – we’d love to talk to them! Send an email to