This poem was inspired from a quote on the Netflix series, “Dark,” and from a dream I had Saturday night…..

In the dream, I found myself in an old country like white church ….I was walking through a long hallway filled with many doors….A couple doors lead to different church congregations. 

When I opened one door-there was an all white congregation with a black pastor sitting in old white wooden pews..And then another door lead to an all black congregation sitting in the same type of sanctuary as the other…..After peaking into those doors, I continued down the winding hallway as I seemed to be looking for a specific door…

After trying several solid doors (people seemed to be in the way or blocking them), I came upon a glass door which I went through to get outside….and then I found myself walking along a highway into the night…headed towards my hometown I think? But I feel like I might have been lost….Interesting dream as usual…

This is the Beginning

        Or is it the end of the beginning?


This is only the beginning,

Which can lead to an eventual end….

But even an ending can be a new beginning-

Depending on one’s point of view.
An infinite hall of many mystical doors

doors that have yet been unopened, 

Leading to unventured pathways

And unexplored regions.


Stepping through a winding hall of unforeseen options

That foretell of possible journeys with unwritten stories,

Just waiting to be told to those who walked previous lands

That we once had trod. 
To where do we let the path take us?

Of perhaps, …to when?

For we are our present, past and future…
Some have been given the golden keys 

To those doors that have remained locked and unexplored…

There were the ones that deemed ominous 

with a dark fog lurking in

And challenging a soul’s hope…

Although, a warrior could be born.
…of course, for others, easy unwinding roads were driven

With a simple peak through a crack of a door,

but no determination present….
Do we drive down an easy path…

Or those that have seemed to be predestined…?

…or do we lurk in the fog…trudging through a moonless night,

Hoping to meet an inviting bright light…?
….Tis, this is our beginning,

But could be an eventual end-

to a whole new begininning…
To which door shall we open?

Will we be handed the winning token of a golden key?
What is this journey of life…

…the stories –

Of you and me?

Which door will be your beginning?

or which one will be the end?

Who….will invite you in?

– Ariana R Cherry 2017




















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Secrets of the soul
Beneath every soul are secrets…
discovered…and undiscovered…
…and a river, flowing with many life stories
that have been told,
or are waiting to be told…
We are souls from every time and space,
..a unit of energy in an expanded
infinite universe
created of galaxies
and worlds…known
to the unknown…
From the hands of the maker,
he who holds our heart…
…we all have a mission
tied into our personal journey…
We’ve come so far,
but yet, have so far to go…
searching within our hearts
and trying to uncover
the secrets that we keep buried
so far deep within our soul…
…sometimes, we question,
just what is it,
that we are looking to find?
Perhaps, it could be simple,
that such answers are on just
the tip of our tongue,
Or we must dig deeper,
and widen our ears to listen…
As those answers could be heard
between the beating of our hearts…
For our struggles and questions
deem to be internal,
but our inquiring stories and sacred secrets
continue to fester….
As beings,
our souls are eternal,
forever, floating in an eternity
questionable existence.
– Ariana R. Cherry 2017



The mutterings of my mind,

Are sometimes so deeply

buried beneath my soul,

That not even I,

Can comprehend the meaning….

For which I seek…

– Ariana R Cherry 2017

Season Three
…another year, wrapped under the tree.
Tis’ the third season has come
and the traveling winds have whispered through
the winds of change…
I once was there,
in a fog of darkness and despair…
and now I stand here,
near the branches of the trees,
where the air has become pure and clear.
For how many glorious sunsets have I counted
since such time has passed,
and how many midnight moons have graced the skies,
shining through the clouds….
where time could feel as if it were standing still,
yet moving so fast…
I had stumbled through the nostalgia of seasons one
and then there were the rocky roads
which I traveled throughout a second.
A season where lessons were learned-
even on those strangulated nights
where a chaotic world had become undone..
and Now…tis, season three…
in some ways, the air feels a bit more free,
but even as another holiday sweeps in,
there are days,
that there just isn’t complete joy
in putting tinsel upon that tree…
For as time passes,
some say a journey should be simpler…
…why wallow and whimper?
I like to believe, through our life scenes,
we only grow wiser…
yes, time may heal such wounds,
but there are days, the memories hang low
and are able to be touched by the tip of
a finger…
But then, I step ahead forward and trudge through this familiar season,
and hang thy head above the murky fog…
I’ll take my horse and journey on
for thy third will not be timeless
and the following year shall tick-tock-
with the bells ringing strong.
And he then shall whisper through the wind…
“Hold your heart true…
Life is a journey,
…stay strong, and keep, moving on….”
Ariana R. Cherry 2017
Battle of My Dreams
Night after night,
as my head hits the evening pillow,
I wish the moon adieu
and close my tired eyes tight…
I await to blissfully nod off
into a cosmic starlit darkness,
but mixed psychedelic memories
play scene after scene throughout my mind…
As my conscious battles with my subconscious
trying to solve puzzling questions that it can’t seem to find the answers to.
My mind just cannot rest….
This life, has underwent so many trying tests…
And now, sleep deprived..
I can no longer escape to that cosmic peace
that I wanted to find.
I’ve tried counting the stars,
I’ve tried dreaming of glorious fields of heaven
and I’ve even tried to listen for the soft classic piano
that so lightly dances upon my ears
from another worldly dimension…
but the memories,
They are so distraught
The battle has stolen my peace
for which I so courageously fought.
Winter solstice
just isn’t the same,
as my mind plays this never-ending game
where sleep never wins…
For the winter once carried an innocent child-like flair
with cheerful holidays dancing in the air…
But there are nights, the darkness lies upon the clouds
burying them in a sullen death-shroud.
Time speeds up so fast,
but then there are those times,
where the ticking of the clock just seems to forever last…
and I wish
for the shine of the sun upon a brightly lit care-free summer day
But now, this dream-like state continues to stay.
Give me rest upon my cosmic star,
so I can float through that peaceful star-lit darkness….
and it carries me warmly through the light
upon sunrise…
Rescue me from the doom of looping REM sleep…
Give me peace
and deliver me
– Ariana R. Cherry 2017


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