Spoken Word Poetry | Simply Stardust | Original music track | Poetry Read by the author

I am continuing to create my own track with my spoken word poems. This is another poem in which I created music for. As I create more, I hope to compile them into a poetry album soon. Once I have that completed, I will post about it here on my blog. I also hope to have a new poetry collection out sometime later in the summer or in the fall sometime. Stay tuned! This specific poem is titled, “Simply Stardust.” I have posted a few versions of this poem in the past, but this one is a spoken version of it. I hope you enjoy it! It is short, but meaningful.

Peaceful Piano Music | Relaxing Piano Music | Original music created by Ariana R Cherry

Just picture yourself relaxing riding in the passenger’s side down the open country road…

I spent one whole day creating a peaceful song on my piano. It is very simple and basic, yet relaxing at the same time. There were just a couple simple chords used as well. Once I created, played and recorded it, I set it to some videos of clouds. The finished piece became something that you could listen to and watch, and just relax… I hope you enjoy!

Inspirational Poetry: The Colors of Culture

Color is not important when describing our skins
of the human race.
But the shade and insignia of the rainbow
is important for our vision ahead 
so we can see the world in front of our face.

The contrast among the people is our individuality
and what makes culture special.
There's no reason to be selective.
We all deserve to have a piece of the light. 

Each tone of skin is a representation
of our past, present and future.
This contrast of culture is no reason to fight.

If we had the ability to see this photo  
through the others' eyes,
maybe we could all fully understand that 
love is always right. 

- Ariana R Cherry 


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Spoken Word Poetry Reading Video With original piano accompaniment: Mother Moon

Awhile back, I posted a poem here on my blog titled, “Mother Moon.” Recently, I wrote and created a piano accompaniment for background music to it. I recited and recorded the poem and then added the background music to it. Afterwards, I produced a video as well. Below is the result of the final project. I hope that you enjoy this spoken word poetry video, “Mother Moon.”

Mother Moon is an original poem written and read by author Ariana R Cherry. It is a spoken word poetry reading with piano accompaniment which Ariana also wrote and played herself.


We wait for the moon to rise to awaken our tired eyes.

She leads us through the unseen darkness,

as we wait for the warm light to materialize.

The nighttime moon gives us hope,

and protects us from nightmares and dreams.

She’s so much more than the image t

hat we see in our favorite telescope.

The moon lights up the dark nighttime sky,

and means more than the science

that we can see with our own naked eye.

She’s our protector in times of uncertainty

and our compass when we can’t find our way.

The moon is everlasting,

shining on eternally.

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*Mother Moon poem written by Ariana R Cherry *

Piano Accompaniment written and played by Ariana

*Video produced by Ariana

Art & Poetry: Nothing could tear away her dreams.

I’ve completed another drawing with alcohol markers with a silhouette of a girl and her umbrella reaching towards the sunset skies. Then I added a micro poem that I felt was fitting to go with the art. My next poetry collection will be poems like this – poetry and art put together. I’ve also started creating an online store that sells prints such as these, other artwork and journals. Feel free to take a look by clicking on the link I’ve listed below the artwork.

Link to buy this as a print:


Check out more art, poetry prints, journals and books by Ariana by visiting Cherry Art Wares. She will be adding more poetry prints to the store soon.


Inspirational Original Poetry: Mother Moon

Do you ever like to just look up and admire the moon on a clear night? I’ve spent time trying to photograph the moon and it is one of the most difficult things to take a photo of (in my opinion). Below in my poem, is a picture of the moon that I took with my cell phone one night. It was glowing so bright and even the camera couldn’t do that glow justice. The moon is the one constant thing that we always have in our lives – along with the sun and of course, even the stars (although on cloudy nights, they are hard to see)….

Original Poetry: Heart-ful Heartache

Heartache can hurt in both good and bad ways. It can be an overwhelming feeling in your chest, a feeling of dread or just complete sadness. I wrote out this poem the other day and just decorated the background with some alcohol markers.

Original Inspirational Poetry: “Purpose”

Here is a short poem that I wrote the other day about our purpose in life. I wrote it down on paper and then used some alcohol markers to color the background. I hope that it inspires you and your purpose in life…

And then I also recorded the reading on my poetry podcast. You can check it out by clicking on the link below:

Sharing some more artwork: Alcohol markers- “Moonscape”

I am still having a lot of fun with some alcohol markers. The more I use them, the more that I find how wonderful they are for making colors pop and blending. Everything just looks more vivid…

I did another nighttime landscape with the moon and I feel like this one turned out much better than the first time I tried a similar piece. I may add a poem with later as well. Pretty soon, I’ll be taking my artwork and poetry and putting it into a poetry collection together. I’ll be sure to write about that when I begin work as well as publishing.

Enjoy my “Moonscape” with alcohol markers below. Oh! and if any of you have used alcohol markers, feel free to comment let me know your experience with them! I’d love to hear!

I even created a few products with this design on them and listed them on Etsy…

Moonscape t-shirt- Midnight Blue (L)

Original Poem: Life…loading.

Life Loading

I could be angry,
If I sit and think about all the time
That was taken away from me…

A year of abundant solitude,
Time stolen that I would have spent with family and friends,
Holidays altered,
Businesses shuttered.
Jobs lost.
Lives lost.
So many people’s lives thrown into an upheaval,
As we spiraled through some alternate reality 
that we had never seen.

I could be angry.
Although, sometimes I actually am.
When I really sit and think about it.
When I am all alone and I am still processing what was stolen.

But they say to “live in the present,”
“Live in the now.” 
Well now, I am angry. 
Presently, I am still angry.

Of course, there may be those who are angry,
Because here we are yet again, 
Another poem about COVID!
…or here we are again, talking again, about COVID!
“I just want to get on with my life,” they say.

Well, so do many of the millions who lost family and loved ones-
Who didn’t get to say goodbye, or didn’t get to say “I love you,”
One last time…

But yet, somehow, we have to be grateful.
Grateful for humanity. 
Grateful for those who created vaccines 
to hopefully, “get back to normal.” 
Somehow, I don’t think we will ever be normal again.

That one year that was stolen from me.
That was my life… 
Life that was put on pause 
While many stared through the windows or computer and phone screens
to talk to loved ones. 
We longed to touch and hug others but an invisible wall was built.

A year has passed.
I should be over it, right?
I should be moving on… right?

Now, I am living in the present.
Counting down the days when all of my loved ones
will finally get to share one space again.
To HUG again.

BUT I am living every second of every day. 
Making the MOST of each day.
Because life can be taken away any minute.
The pause button can be pushed at ANY moment.

And since the “start button” has finally been pushed.
I began to process.
Life was still loading… 

Loading… please wait… loading… 
“Please push restart, and your program will begin momentarily” ... 

Ariana R Cherry

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