I am not one who takes life lightly, nor do I fuss over the normal every day things…If a person were to ask me what I was thinking about…they might be sorry they asked . I am constantly contemplating life, the universe, our reason for being and the conundrum of eternity….

There are some days – I wish I was a simpler person ….just some days...but then if I was – I would get quite bored with myself.

I am on a journey….we all are on a journey. Of course, life is a journey – it never really ends actually. We are beings who are continuously learning…We each have our very own “path” to travel.

I walk a very fine middle line and I feel like I am doing a tight rope dance at times…I may veer slightly to one side and then, so I don’t lose balance, I will lean towards the other….I never have completely went one way…And I don’t know if that is good…or bad.

…Is there really one right way to live our life – or are we meant to live with the path we have been given? What if that path we were given was meant to change? What if it wasn’t? Are we walking the right path that our creator wants us to?

We all want something to believe in – a higher power. Being a Christian, I believe in God – our Father who created us…I believe he is the master artist behind all the beauty in this world…. A fine painter that He is…I know He loves us unconditionally….

That is one path that I walk down my tight rope…

Then I have questions….and fears….I worry that the questions I have are somehow – wrong- to have….or if it means I am questioning my own faith…

I  am in love with nature…I don’t worship any of it, but when I am outdoors in the woods…I find peace…I feel closer to God….sometimes I feel closer to our creator in the deep of the woods than in a church (and then I wonder …is that okay? )

I love writing poetry and mini stories that deal with the “dark” side of things….But I always have my saying…”One sometimes has to walk through the darkness to reach the light…” Some may find that “darkness” taboo…or wonder how a Christian could write such things…But at one time or another – we all have experienced darkness in our lives…I write about that darkness for people to relate to…to know they aren’t alone…

It isn’t easy being a horror writer sometimes….But I feel that I have been directed to use my gift of writing to help “counsel” others….

And – is there really any “correct” type of Christian or religion ? No matter our religions – we all were made in the eye of a mighty creator….We weren’t evolved by some big bang that happened thousands of years ago ….And for humans to have such complex thoughts….for us to evolve and have compassion…to have feelings….TO me – that isn’t science….We are all masterpieces – a piece of artwork in the making with journeys to take…

Not only are we just human, but inside of each of us – is a soul that dwells which longs for a home after this one…an eternal home that we all hope to go to…(how can that be merely science?)….

And then there’s that word eternal…which sends me into another conundrum and another thought loop….(such as…what does eternity feel like  – or will we even feel eternity?)…

Some days – these thoughts are just looped together like this…and I will pull them apart, contemplate and seek to find answers…And I’ve only been doing this….for the majority of my life…

(It doesn’t help that we’ve had lots of rain the last few days with no sunshine)….That is how my mind usually gets here….

(End of thought loop). 










No One Would Understand the Words

So many times ago…
I was told –
No one would understand the words…

The words that flow so openly through
the feathered pen of my musical heart…
Those words, that pick every particle of my
inquisitive mind apart.

They said nobody would understand…

The words of my eternal soul…
That sing so lively into the midnight air,
that touch the sparkling moon and kiss its face…

They said nobody would understand…
Nobody would stay to listen to my enlightened spirit
as it explained her tale of woe…

The words…
The words that strum the wrenching story of my beating heart,
explaining how a cold darkness once tore it apart…

They said nobody would understand…

So please…dear soul…
Tell me…

Why do you sit here now,
weeping to these tales,
as you hold my hand?

– Ariana R. Cherry 2017


Afterthought: “For when he said…”Nobody likes poetry…nobody will ever read your poems…”… He did not understand the power of words….Of words that touch the soul, mind and heart….For one does not HEAR poetry…They FEEL the words…You do not LISTEN to poetry….You experience it.

I will be a special guest on “The Rift- Words from the Other Side”this Sunday evening. It will air LIVE 8-10pm Central Time/ 9-11pm Eastern Time.



Join The Hitman and the return to air for the show, Carin Smurl as Co-Host. As they speak with Ariana Cherry on her writings and how she became who she is today. A voyage of words and time brought together by fate. Hear her transformation and her travels.

Ariana Cherry- Dark writer of fantastic words of poetry , songs, and short stories. Her web of words are like no another. Inspired by the works of Richmonds own ,Edgar  Poe. She follows in the path of how darkness may help you see light, Her assault on words taking you to another place and or another time, feeling the emotions she leaves for you as you are taken in .


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I hope you will join with me Sunday evening. You can call in to ask me questions and speak with me as well. This is my first Podcast and I am super excited -maybe a little nervous, but I am looking forward to sharing with those who are listening.

Hope to see you there!


How do you destroy the monster without actually becoming one?

How do you conqueror the darkness without actually becoming lost?

How do you reach out for warmth when it burns to your touch, but your heart, craves it so much?

Nobody said fighting the monster would be easy, but somehow, you fight, just so you can save your true identity…

Don’t allow the monster in your head, as he will only drag you down the spiraling abyss instead…

Become what the monster loathes…pity his soul, show mercy…but don’t you dare let him stare into your eyes…He will torture your spirit to its very core…making you hate him more.

Fight the fire…for the light, will burn him out. Then my dear, you can embrace…warmth.

– Ariana R Cherry 2017



Sometimes, it hurts, to feel everything so much.
With reality, it puts you out of touch…
Those, with the wooden hand- they don’t plan.
They’d rather rip the warranty tag from your soul.
Trying to shorten your “eternity.”
As if they could!

But when, they scratch your soul,
You’re left, crying in the rain…
All you want to do
is heal the world’s pain…

In those times,
you feel love just may never be enough,

But when you wear your heart on your sleeve, feeling everyone’s such delicate touch.
What if…love is all that is left, to gain?

– Ariana R. Cherry 2017


I have been invited as a special guest on “The R.I.F.T.” this Sunday evening from             9:00 – 11:00 pm EST…..Howie Odell is the Host and his Co-Host is Carin Smurl. I’ll be sharing some of my poetry and speaking of a few paranormal experiences as well… I will be posting the link to where you can tune in soon! You will be able to listen from your computer, table or cell phone! Be sure to mark it on your calendar if you would like to tune in! I am excited to be invited to my first Podcast!



Time Trip After Midnight

After the midnight bell has tolled
and the harvest moon danced behind dark clouds,
I’ve become lost and entangled with cryptic thoughts.

Down the rabbit hole I’ve spiraled
with just enough light to spark a faint star.
Mysterious thoughts evoke a ghastly passion
that I can not chase away…
The questions that come to mind imprison my imagination
taking me on a mystic trip beyond our farthest universe.

For the whispers of the night,
tell me how time has no concept in a life hereafter…
But here, as I lay awake on this psychotic mind trip,
the chimes of an antique grandfather clock echo throughout the halls,
remind me of the sleep that has not gifted me grandly.
Time is all that lies heavy on thy heart,
as it seems there is never enough…

But the wise whispers remind me of the deep rest
that shall overcome me one day…
For now, time shall not haunt me
and I should live as if it has no meaning nor concept…

And yet, I lay awake, listening to the chimes,
their bells reminding me that time should not persuade my soul…

For while this life is short,
The journey seems long as I try to escape
from a tainted rabbit hole
searching for that faint light that lit up my star
on this mystic trip that traveled beyond our farthest universe.

– Ariana R. Cherry 2017