I have been wanting to start my own small publishing press for quite some time – although, I knew that I needed to gain some experience creating and publishing my own books first. I’ve been self-publishing since about 2004. I released my first book, “The Real Me-Xtended” in 2004… It definitely was quite simple and basic, but it felt awesome to put my first collection of poems into the world. I had submitted my writing to other publishing houses and got a few “no’s”…but a few of my poems had been published into anthologies… I still wanted my own collection though. As the years have progressed, the Internet has made it possible for authors to self publish and become independent authors… Two publishing houses that I am particularly familiar with are and Amazon.

Fast forward some years later, I have published 7 of my own books and have helped a couple good friends publish their books as well… What I want to do now, is help other beginning authors – those who are just getting their feet wet in the publishing business and are trying to wade through the waters…. I want to be the one who takes those people’s hands and help them swim…. Which is why I have created, “Cherry-House Press.”

I hope to use Cherry House Press to help both new and seasoned authors as well as putting anthologies together and collaborating with other authors… I already have a call for submissions… (Which will be my next blog post). We will be looking for poems and short stories about our personal fears… You can see more information about it at:

Feel free to stop by our page at Facebook and add a “like” to it:

and you can visit our website at:

…The Journey
Our lives…
are delicate.
Our physical existence on this earthly plane,
is not forever,
but the heart of our souls lives on.
Objects and possessions are not to represent us,
Although, the love that we have been gifted,
can certainly be multiplied by thousands of times.
Each moment…
every breath…
Is a moment to be cherished
So many mysteries are unknown within this exquisite universe…
There are fleeting questions that dance throughout the winds…
….with answers that whisper the wisdom of life and where it all begins…
…not one of us will go untouched, in this heartfelt journey…
We are all to meet again…
and the tie, that unites us all…
is the love that stems and blooms from our heart,
For while it is indeed intricate…
There is nothing that can tear love, apart.
For all of us, our time here is fleeting…
but we all have our faith, which keeps our hearts beating…
We are simply eternal souls… on this delicate life journey…
Waiting for the day to meet our maker, and be united once again.
Ariana R. Cherry 2018


I’ve decided to start creating more handcrafted necklaces…One of my favorite types of necklaces to make are the oil diffuser locket necklaces. They have felt pads inside the lockets which the wearer can place their favorite drops of essential oils on…  When they  wear it, they can smell their favorite oils all day. The other necklace on this page was a pretty moon pendant one that I created too ….I am hoping to draw some interest to these necklaces….I am usually crafting bracelets, but thought I would see if I could create some different necklaces too….

Presently, these necklaces are for sale at $14.99 each if anyone is interested…. (Free shipping). I can also customize them with favorite colors too.


During the winter, when I am inside more, I tend to get a little more creative, finding new types of art and crafts to make… I’ve been seeing these “Acrylic Art Pouring” videos on my Facebook feed and then I started watching them on YouTube. I find them quite fascinating…. in fact – I was so intrigued, I thought I would try to do this myself…. I must say – it isn’t exactly as easy as it looks! …. The photos above are some of my first tries with acrylic art pouring… I mostly tried it on 3×5 and 4×6 sized mixed media paper and blank ATC cards. There seems to be a lot of methods to the entire madness – but once you can get the hang of some of them – the outcome of the paint direction can be quite beautiful…. I hope to do much more with these – like showcasing lines of poetry on them or drawing zentangle doodles on them…. As I do more of these, I will share more creations….



2017 has gone by – and it was a pretty good year for the most part… But there are still projects that I would like to finish – and ideas that I would like to get started for 2018… I really would like to focus on hopefully getting more of my books noticed or “out there” somehow by finding reasonable and reliable marketing. Along with that I have some goals that I would like to set for 2018….

  • Finish “Only If” part 2 (Clara’s Story). I am bit behind on this and only because as I have been writing this story – it took an unexpected turn that I wasn’t happy with but then realized that perhaps a particular scene had to happen…. So I hope to be moving on with that and I plan on finishing that story! (If you haven’t read the first one, you can actually purchase it on Amazon in print or on Kindle  (Kindle Unlimited customers can read it for free!) at:
  • Publish another collection of poetry…. (or 2)… I am stuck between poetry that deals with the mind or perhaps poems about angels…. I may do both of them… But I would like to see one of these collections published.
  • Work on selling more art and jewelry on eBay or other social media platforms. (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram).
  • Start up a small independent publishing company – Cherry House Publishing. I’ve been self publishing for several years and I would like to be able to help other authors like myself with the steps in getting published.
  • Create more art/jewelry to sell at a local store where I live…                                        (The Arthur General Store).
  • Expand more on my story, “The New World..” – hopefully maybe publish it at the end of the year? …
  • I am hoping to attend the Art & Equality Convention, Spook Show Convention and the Dark History and Horror Convention. It is always a great time to meet new people, see old friends and hopefully share my work with hopefully new fans!


Hopefully I will meet some of these goals in 2018…. I will be blogging about these projects throughout the year if I do complete them …. Stay tuned!



Soon, within hours, it will be 2018…. and I will spend a bit of time reflecting on the past year… and the journey I have taken to get to today…this present time… Few will know how difficult it has been for me to stay in the present and to not keep lingering in the past…In 2017, I’ve worked hard to keep marching forward and to creating new memories…

… Actually in 2017, I did a few things that I never would have seen myself doing four to five years ago because I wouldn’t  have had the courage… nor the confidence…. But somehow – as time has progressed, I’ve surprised myself in more ways than one… While the final outcome was indeed not perfect – I still took the leap to get out of my comfort zone…

…I am not writing this to brag. I am writing this as something to look back on as accomplishments…and maybe – somewhere out there – I can inspire someone else, who has been down a difficult road … or is now – experiencing life for the first time free from a difficult situation they may have been in before…

In 2017, I had the opportunity to attend a couple of local conventions to promote my books and myself as an author – Dark History and Horror Convention and Cil-Con. At the Dark History and Horror Convention, I participated in an author’s round table on a small stage …. I haven’t had the courage to be on a stage since I had been in plays back in high school… At Cil-Con – I spoke to many different people… probably more than I had done so at previous conventions…

I did a few public speaking “gigs.” I am not one who is comfortable speaking in front of crowds… In fact – it can be downright terrifying sometimes… But – I did it 3 times this year!… I created a program titled, “Rhymes Climbing Through Time,” ( which takes a look at a few of my favorite poets through the years and their history. I also talk about my poetry, a little bit of life experience and why I write poetry to share with others… I performed that specific program twice – Once for the Moultrie County Historical Society and then again for the local Rotary Club. Then my boyfriend and I created a program for those getting their start in writing. We did that presentation at the Lovington Public Library… There were few in attendance – but they all enjoyed it and asked us to come back again sometime….

Coming up in March 2018, I have been invited as a guest to the Art and Equality Convention in Savoy, Illinois where I will speak on domestic abuse…. That will be a large step for me.

Since late 2016, I have been taking piano lessons. This is something that I have always wanted to learn as a child. I love what I have learned so far and playing the piano. While I was completely terrified, I played a solo at the Arthur United Methodist Church some weeks ago. It was a combination of “Fur Elise” and “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven. I did stop a couple times, and confessed that I was indeed nervous… But I did get through it !…. Thinking of that experience still makes me nervous! It was my first time playing publicly. I hope that with time and more experience, I will grow less nervous doing this….

Also in 2017, I was invited to be a guest on a podcast  – “The Rift Radio.” I spoke about my poetry and writing…. And now – I am the host (with my boyfriend as the co-host) of my own podcast (Night Moves Radio) and part of the R.I.F.T.. Network which began this past August… We interview authors, artists and musicians each week on Thursday evenings. It has been fun getting to meet new people.

After approaching the Arthur General Store with my artwork and jewelry – it is now selling in their store.. and I have made great friends with its owners. It was wonderful for others to think that something I created was actually worth selling…. I never knew if the things I created were any good or not… I believe that has given me the confidence that I have needed to put my creations out there…

….Looking back – I could have never dreamed of getting to have such experiences. Over four years ago, I felt trapped and in a never-ending loop. I was convinced that I was not a person worthy of good things happening to her….I also worried whether I was a good  mother or not… I felt like I was living in a bubble and there was no room for me to grow as a person…

There may be times that my past haunts me… or I still hear the echoes of all the bad things that were said to me… But I continue to take heart, try to have faith and believe that I can do this thing that we call , “life.” …. And without a dream that I had so many years ago to reassure me of the love that I did indeed have and to have the strength to change a situation that was causing me grief and not allowing me to grow…. None of this would have been possible…

….Life is a journey and not everything is perfect… and sometimes – time may seem like its standing… But – we just need to have faith … Somehow we just have to keep moving forward …Even when the past tries to outreach its arms to drag you down, you have to literally pull away and ignore those ghosts in your head.

…. Remember…. you….are much stronger than what you think you are.

……Happy New Year.

This poem was inspired from a quote on the Netflix series, “Dark,” and from a dream I had Saturday night…..

In the dream, I found myself in an old country like white church ….I was walking through a long hallway filled with many doors….A couple doors lead to different church congregations. 

When I opened one door-there was an all white congregation with a black pastor sitting in old white wooden pews..And then another door lead to an all black congregation sitting in the same type of sanctuary as the other…..After peaking into those doors, I continued down the winding hallway as I seemed to be looking for a specific door…

After trying several solid doors (people seemed to be in the way or blocking them), I came upon a glass door which I went through to get outside….and then I found myself walking along a highway into the night…headed towards my hometown I think? But I feel like I might have been lost….Interesting dream as usual…

This is the Beginning

        Or is it the end of the beginning?


This is only the beginning,

Which can lead to an eventual end….

But even an ending can be a new beginning-

Depending on one’s point of view.
An infinite hall of many mystical doors

doors that have yet been unopened, 

Leading to unventured pathways

And unexplored regions.


Stepping through a winding hall of unforeseen options

That foretell of possible journeys with unwritten stories,

Just waiting to be told to those who walked previous lands

That we once had trod. 
To where do we let the path take us?

Of perhaps, …to when?

For we are our present, past and future…
Some have been given the golden keys 

To those doors that have remained locked and unexplored…

There were the ones that deemed ominous 

with a dark fog lurking in

And challenging a soul’s hope…

Although, a warrior could be born.
…of course, for others, easy unwinding roads were driven

With a simple peak through a crack of a door,

but no determination present….
Do we drive down an easy path…

Or those that have seemed to be predestined…?

…or do we lurk in the fog…trudging through a moonless night,

Hoping to meet an inviting bright light…?
….Tis, this is our beginning,

But could be an eventual end-

to a whole new begininning…
To which door shall we open?

Will we be handed the winning token of a golden key?
What is this journey of life…

…the stories –

Of you and me?

Which door will be your beginning?

or which one will be the end?

Who….will invite you in?

– Ariana R Cherry 2017