Forgetting That I Am Human
The cool beckoning wind brushes against my face
As it curtsies a hello, whispering in my ear…
…Inside my soul dances
As it leaps, trying to fly…
Forgetting that I am yet,
Just a human, with my feet firmly grounded to this dusty earth…
…High above, the welcoming sunlight warms my heart
Sending love, radiating energetic waves
throughout my anxious spirit.
So much, I wish to rise above,
to blow a kiss to the one who wakes me
With its loving light each early morn’
But then yet again, my feet, are firmly planted to the ground
Upon this dusty earth.
I am only human…
But yet, inside, I am a soul of hope, love
…and a ray of everlasting light,
Yearning for beyond an otherworldly place that
Neither human eyes nor the human heart can comprehend…
But yet, each day, such a soul as mine feels torn….
Between the beauty of this dusty ole’ earth
that catches my eyes and heart…
And the yearning, for somewhere beyond
….something heavenly…
That only those that have gone before us can explain….
For their anticipating stories await us….
But for now… I am only human…with my feet,
firmly planted…to the ground.
– Ariana R Cherry


Today’s world is getting so confusing, tougher to live in and understand. Of course, I am sure we have heard similar words spoken from our parents and grandparents – and other family as well.

But what I am finding even harder… is trying to be a loving Christian living in this world… The church has begun to get a bad reputation with all of the bad media coverage showcasing radical Christians who are being judgmental, racist …and quite frankly – scary.  Then there’s the deal with sexual abuse rising from churches – making the church seem like a dangerous place to be…

On social media, there are memes and videos, displaying “Christian people” pointing out others faults publicly, hating on blacks (or other cultures and races), and telling people they are going to go to Hell for the things they are doing. Then – there are those twisting scriptures from the Bible to fit their needs and desires to scare people into believing certain ways… So many people are taking it all apart – and making it so that it fits to their life accordingly – while damning others for their actions.

The fact is – a true loving Christian – does not act with that type of behavior. In fact, a true Christian is loving, non-judgmental and is there to help his neighbor in need. We in fact  – have no say whether a person goes to Hell. We have no business judging others. As Christians – we are to be accepting of other people’s differences…. As Christians, it is important to spread and show the love that Jesus has for us…. It is not our right for us to steer the direction of someone’s soul by using fear…

I wish – the media would show churches and Christians doing positive things – such as outreaching to their communities and being loving towards others…. But for those who don’t attend church – all they see on the media is people acting righteous and holier than thou – judging people for their skin color, choice of religion, and whether they have tattoos or piercings – or wear a certain type of clothing…. Even – financial status…   No wonder people are afraid to walk into a church – they are probably afraid of being judged the moment their hand touches that door to open….

And then there’s fear….shootings happening all around … in school…..churches… It is hard to feel safe anywhere anymore… So some – sit in their home on Sundays… for fear of their own safety….

It is so hard to be a loving Christian in today’s world when the media is showing something completely different… The numbers in attendance in some churches are dwindling… Church has become a place of fear and conformity those who do not attend regularly…

What the media does not portray – is that the church is family – a family unit made up of several extended family units and caring individuals – all trying to find their own ways to tell and share of God’s love…  A church is an extended part of your own family – another group of people who care about you… who want to help guide you… to be there at your side during rough times…. A church is not their to judge you.

…. A church should be a place of sanctuary – hope…. and love…. and the people of a church family – are anchors – to help lift you up in those times of need…They are not there to tear you down…ever…

There still are true Christians in this world… It is just getting increasingly difficult to shine in a world so full of uncertainty…


Please forgive me for this post..but I need to vent and release some emotions… You may continue to read if you wish… But it isn’t necessarily a happy post….. And if you do stick around to read…thank you for “listening…”


I know when we were young, our grandparents often told us how different the world was growing up….And how much everything has changed…. I’m not even a grandparent and I can see those changes already….

As I get older, it is so hard to live in a world that is becoming increasingly… insensitive….Or it could just be, that I may just be… a sensitive person with too much compassion and emotion…. It hurts to care so much sometimes.

….When I begin to form and build relationships, I put everything I have into them and become emotionally invested… And perhaps – that is my own mistake…. But sometimes I care so much for people, that my heart hurts….And that is what makes it hard to live in a world that can be insensitive. I am not saying that everybody is careless or selfish, but a large portion of society has become selfish – only looking out for their own personal needs and how to get ahead…

Also as I get older, I learn that I need to be more careful to who I trust…. I need to be more careful to who I open up too…. Because – if I no longer meet that person’s needs or requirements – They easily throw me off to the side like yesterday’s garbage… And then – I am left with a heart that feels like its been stomped on a million times…. Kind of like how I feel right now…  For almost a week now, I have been unable to lift this huge brick off of my heart….

I invested a year of my personal time to an individual whom I thought was my friend…and basically, I am just finding out that none of it mattered…. I was only used for their own personal gain … Just a number in their business…. Yet- they pretended to care about me, share stories with me and act as if they were a mentor…. I shared personal things that I don’t share with everyone…and now, I am sitting here, feeling used and a like a really huge idiot…. “Stupid me for caring so much...’

Sometimes, people forget -we are humans…and people with emotions…. and the things that are said and done to us – can effect us deeply… But those who are insensitive – seem to be numb….

It is a hard lesson to learn – you can’t trust everybody and you must guard your heart and soul with the most utmost protection…..

I really don’t want to become a cynical person…. But.. it is becoming so increasingly hard not to be…. It is becoming so difficult to live in world that is insensitive…

I guess…the only thing I can do …is pray for those – who seem to have lost their hearts.




I am participating in the “Fast Track Bible Study” at the United Methodist Church…

One of the questions asked “to know more” to write a short autobiography of Adam and Eve… or the Tower of Babel…. I had some fun with Eve – and thought I’d share here what I wrote. I had fun writing this….Enjoy!

Eve’s Story- 
An Autobiography

I find myself sitting in this vast fruitful garden, contemplating exactly what just happened. It seems like such a whirlwind. One moment, I am in bliss, unaware of what could be in my world. And the next – I learn that there is such a thing called evil- and that I also need to cover my body…

Looking back… I blame the serpent. All was fine until I talked to him.

While my father had told me to stay away from that tree with its fruit…that nasty serpent told me it would be fine! But, my own wonder and the words of the serpent lead me to pick that forbidden fruit. And it tasted like no other! At once, I realized that I wanted to share the moment with Adam…. It only seemed right! And…he accepted.

Nothing felt wrong about it…Well….wait… Maybe a part of me wondered what God might think. But then once we realized what we had done… we were ashamed. So, Adam and I hid, hoping that God wouldn’t find us…

Guess I was wrong…and now my world has changed forever…. Advice – Never listen to a talking serpent.


Within the last year or two, I’ve been closely “monitoring” nature…. and its seasons – as well as the “seasons” within my life…

But first, we’ll take a look at nature…

Have you ever wandered down the sidewalks and streets… or through the parks – and felt the air…and really listened to it? You can “hear” the change of pressure… feel the change of temperature…and just that change that is coming… During the winter, I felt the coldness and emptiness of winter – yet, the warmth blanket of snow that fell ever so lightly – I felt its joy spread over that cloud of darkness from the freeze…

When spring finally came along – I felt the crispness of the air – the excitement of new life… and what’s to come….

Summer – always splashes in way too fast… The air is relaxed even if the heat is humid and sticky… The humidity gives you that reason to slow your pace. The air in the summer feels relaxed … and stagnant.

And then fall approaches. (Just as it will be nearing soon) and I sense change… I feel the air changing its direction… While the squirrels are still scurrying about – they will soon become more hurried, storing up for the winter. But in this air – there’s a bit of uncertainty – as change slowly scents the air… The leaves will change color… and the cool breezes will bring chills during those evening walks….

But not only am I sensing a change of season just for weather…but I notice it as I grow older. The evolution of each year is like a revolving circle. It makes its path at the top and circles through every season, repeating the cycle…round….and round.

I may be shy 3 years of forty – but…. in my “old-soul wisdom,” I already feel like I’ve been through so many of these cycles. But growing older, I begin to use my senses more – witnessing the change in the environment around me…

My daughter is growing up, my parents continue to get older as well as the rest of my family … and I am aging too… But I don’t feel that I can keep up… For my heart still yearns for youth, but my mind is wise beyond its years – as well as my soul too…. I’ve journeyed through paths in life that have “aged” me … but… I feel those experiences have taught me so much…

…and yet again…as I journey through more changes, I find that my heart aches… Changes don’t come easy… We learn  a lot about others – but yet- so much more about ourselves and how we battle through those lessons that we are given….

I ache when I feel the change in the air….but even though I may ache – I also have wonder and excitement…. Sometimes I yearn to relive past experiences…. to feel the joy of those scenes or to fill a loved one’s embrace from a hug who has passed…

…Tonight once again… I ache…from change…but sometimes, we must journey through those changes to grow… Life is about joy, sorrow, love, change and lessons learned… We are here in this huge classroom – this gift of life… that have so many questions in which we are constantly seeking answers…

We seek truth – through life experiences….and truth – from people whom we have known – or even thought we knew….

…and sometimes… I just have to take a breath….step outdoors, and listen to the air around me…. Listen to the voices within my heart… and continue, circling this evolution that carry these seasons of life… and if a tear or two is shed… I know that those too will dry… and be lessons learned in this life…







“Time….is like a circle that keeps on revolving…Moving through every season, looping through all the weather that blows through our lives… Round and round it loops…never-ending – as each generation moves on…and our spirits, forever, living on through their hearts, as we whisper the wisdom in which we have carried through our lifetime…”

  • Ariana R Cherry


Local writing group accepting new members

Taking submissions for upcoming anthology, “Ticks and Quirks: Human Oddball Stories.”

Are you interested in science fiction? Fantasy? How about Horror? …. Then perhaps you might find your seat in the new writing group that is meeting once a month at Bob’s Bookstore in Charleston.  While the group is still pretty small, it has plenty of room for inspiring writers who enjoy such genres. They share ideas for writing topics, offer advice and even talk a bit about their lives – as we all know -life can be quite inspiring too!

Currently while the group is looking for new members, they have also inspired a new idea for an anthology titled, “Ticks and Quirks: Human Oddball Stories.” At their last meeting, they were speaking about some of the unique individuals whom they have crossed paths with as well as some interesting life experiences. After speaking for some time on the topic – they thought – how about we put together an anthology on these stories?!

Putting together a new anthology will be no problem – as the two who founded the writing group –local authors, Joshua Annis and Ariana R Cherry, have started their own publishing company, “Cherry House Press.” With the ideas and submissions from the help of the writing group and the experience of Cherry House Press, they will be able to print “Ticks and Quirks: Human Oddball Stories.” They will be taking submissions through September 15th.

If you are interested in joining the new writing group, “CIHFS Writers Group” (Central Illinois Horror/Fantasy/Sci-Fi) , or would like to share your story about a unique individual or life experience, come on over to Bob’s Book Store at 303 Lincoln Avenue in Charleston on Saturday August 25 at 7:00 pm .

You can also visit or message the group Facebook page at:

For more questions about the writing group or submitting to the anthology, you can contact Ariana R Cherry at