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Release Date: September 2016







Only If” tells the horrific tale of Billy, who has gone crazy from sitting in a jail cell for years and blamed for the murder of his wife…Throughout the years, he relives that specific night, when he lost his beloved wife, Clara.Stuck in a jail cell, locked away from everyone who had loved him and a memory that continues to haunt him each waking day.

To most, he looks and sounds to be a crazy lunatic murderer, but deep down, Billy is just a scarred man with graphic disturbing memories that carry him to the edge of his sanity.

Written in a poetic epic style, “Only If” will surely entice the reader to join Billy down memory lane and experience the tragedy that brought him to this very moment in life.



The wind howled at his throat as he sulked silently.

There was nothing else for him to do, as he lay in his uncomfortable ratty bed,

staring at the dirty ceiling up above.

Bill had been here for years, without a glimpse of the outside world.

The only sight he had was through the minute window bars of his cell.

He got up and paced, feeling crazy…

Here he was, trapped in this chamber,

without a word from the people he once loved…

Have I not gone crazy to be a gunman?

Am I insane to the hurt I have pursued?” he muttered….

I haven’t uttered a word for years, I won’t talk, I can’t, he thought to himself…

So much pain that it’s worthless to even talk about.

Only if I didn’t.

Why was I crazy?” he whispered, gripping the cold iron bars.

Only death upon one’s self sounds like a miracle,

His mad thoughts provoked him.

His lifeless hands gripped the icy bars as he stared silently

and watched the guilty suspects come through and resist.

I once had innocence…until now, Bill thought to himself….


“Only If by Ariana R. Cherry opens with Bill, an elderly dishevelled man, ranting to himself in his jail cell. He has been accused and found guilty of the murder of his wife, Clara. Bill, however, won’t accept he is in any way to blame, and over time begins to believe he has been framed by a dark lord, masquerading as his friend. To the courts and prison guards, Bill’s actions on the night of the murder and his behaviour and actions afterwards are a sign that he is mad, but to Bill, it is his situation that is madness and the dark lord, the evil one … not he. Sadly, Bill knows his only hope of escaping the confines of his cell and the madness is to either commit suicide or to find a way to seek vengeance on the dark lord, but that would mean having to eliminate him.

I applaud Ariana R. Cherry for not wasting words as her short sentences throughout Only If cleverly draw the reader into the protagonist’s frame of mind and his wild thoughts, thus adding impact to the poetic verse. Furthermore, I believe the author’s use of cantos and powerful images to divide each section, not only help to create the mood but also make Only If an intriguing page-turner. To conclude Bill’s story, Ariana R. Cherry gives us an insight into Clara’s story from beyond the grave as an appetiser to her next book. I found this to be a very intriguing concept. Only If will appeal to many fans, whether they love short stories, stories written in poetic verse or horror stories.”- Reviewed by Chris-Jean Clarke for Readers’ Favorite

I just finished it! It is great! I was hoping there was going to be a sequel but then I read the epilogue and figured there wouldn’t be. I’m glad to see we will get more of the story after all!” – Bailey Clark, IL

A wonderful, yet horrifying epic poem. It gave me shivers and chills, and at times I even held my breath! Well done!” – Christopher Lawson, author



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