Poetry: Warrior Angels

  WARRIOR ANGELS We are not broken We are not battered…   Our souls might have shattered, but they will be mended, as each piece is put back together…   We are warriors, our hearts were not broken – they were only conditioned, so that they could grow stronger.   When the desolate fog creepsContinue reading “Poetry: Warrior Angels”

The Mission for Nali: Prologue

I am starting a new novel titled, “The Mission of Nali.” It deals with living life and then – the afterlife… And all the in between – The Lords, Earth Angels and Healers. I decided to share the start of my prologue. I would be happy to hear your comments…. _______________ Prologue Beyond this lifeContinue reading “The Mission for Nali: Prologue”

Poetry: The Search

  The Search I don’t know when… I don’t know when I saw Looked at the dancing sparkling stars So far away So small… I don’t know… When When my mind devoured The infinite universe… Unearthed its vast knowledge… I don’t know … How… How my heart got lost When it got buried in myContinue reading “Poetry: The Search”