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I’ll be entering the Fine Arts Department at the art show at our local county fair this year. I am entering some photography that I did and an abstract acrylic painting. This is my first time entering a painting instead of a drawing…. and my first year I’ve taken the photography aspect a bit more seriously…. We will see how it goes!



I had some fun the other day in our local park photographing trees. Once I was finished, I took the color from the photos and added purples and blues – creating an entirely new tree that could be inside a fantasy world in a story book….

It is nice to know, we can take reality – and twist it into our own little fairy tale sometimes… We can take every day objects – and make it something magical. That is the beauty with photography  and art…


I’ve decided to start creating more handcrafted necklaces…One of my favorite types of necklaces to make are the oil diffuser locket necklaces. They have felt pads inside the lockets which the wearer can place their favorite drops of essential oils on…  When they  wear it, they can smell their favorite oils all day. The other necklace on this page was a pretty moon pendant one that I created too ….I am hoping to draw some interest to these necklaces….I am usually crafting bracelets, but thought I would see if I could create some different necklaces too….

Presently, these necklaces are for sale at $14.99 each if anyone is interested…. (Free shipping). I can also customize them with favorite colors too.


During the winter, when I am inside more, I tend to get a little more creative, finding new types of art and crafts to make… I’ve been seeing these “Acrylic Art Pouring” videos on my Facebook feed and then I started watching them on YouTube. I find them quite fascinating…. in fact – I was so intrigued, I thought I would try to do this myself…. I must say – it isn’t exactly as easy as it looks! …. The photos above are some of my first tries with acrylic art pouring… I mostly tried it on 3×5 and 4×6 sized mixed media paper and blank ATC cards. There seems to be a lot of methods to the entire madness – but once you can get the hang of some of them – the outcome of the paint direction can be quite beautiful…. I hope to do much more with these – like showcasing lines of poetry on them or drawing zentangle doodles on them…. As I do more of these, I will share more creations….


Another piece of artwork I created on my tablet…


I’ve been working on my “digital art” skills again on my art tablet…. This is a “mixed media” of watercolor, airbrush, marker and pencil. I feel that it is inspired from some of the fantasy Japanese art that I have seen….. Creating art digitally without an actual pencil – and just using a bigger stylus with a thin plastic tip is definitely a different experience….

I then took the original and made it into somewhat abstract art too…. I realize I have a way to go yet – but I am learning to work more with “digital media…”

Poetry Art: Twisted Apart

Posted: October 15, 2017 in Artwork, Dark Poetry
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