A Review of “Only If” From Black Magic Reviews

                                  Robin Goodfellow from Black Magic Reviews reviewed my book, ” Only If.” She even compared it to “Dantes Inferno.” Check out the review my clicking on the link below: https://blackmagicreviews.tumblr.com/gothic%20

Featured on Realistic Poetry International

My writing and art was featured in an article written by Realistic Poetry International.     A STAR IN THE TWILIGHT…. Check out the article by clicking on the link below: http://www.realisticpoetry.com/poetry-blog/ariana-cherry-a-glowing-star-in-the-twilight

Books: Twisted Paths Poetry – receives 5 star Rating!

”  If you’ve ever wondered what the darkness looks like, this is it….”   – Realistic Poetry International (Click here to purchase on Amazon!)     I was honored to receive a 5-star rating from Realistic Poetry International on my horror poetry  collection, Twisted Paths Poetry. The review can be found below: ____________________ The BlacknessContinue reading “Books: Twisted Paths Poetry – receives 5 star Rating!”

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY—More than just sex- It has depth

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY— A Raw Love Story filled with Depth and Emotion- It is not just about Sex I’ll admit, that when it came to Fifty Shades of Grey, I was like most of the majority mainstreamers out there, thinking that there was the possibility that this book carried horrific sex scenes and thatContinue reading “FIFTY SHADES OF GREY—More than just sex- It has depth”