Free Kindle Book Download through Wednesday, February 20, 2019

I have taken my presentation, ” A Normal Kind of Love” and published it into a chapbook, “A Normal Kind of Love – A Chapbook Presentation.” This special Kindle Edition is interactive with audio of me reading some of my poems and the music from my presentation. I published this book to help spread awarenessContinue reading “Free Kindle Book Download through Wednesday, February 20, 2019”

New books coming in 2019

New books coming in 2019… I will be writing and publishing two non-fiction stories, a collection of poems and the second book to my “Only If” series…Perhaps you will be adding them to your bookshelf at some point next year… I am currently working on “A Normal Kind of Love” A Chapbook Presentation which willContinue reading “New books coming in 2019”

“Road Map of Our Soul” – Ariana’s latest collection of poems now available

                                                      Now available on Amazon! We are all souls on personal journeys. Sometimes, our paths may cross, and our lives intertwine. Allow these poems to guide you, inspire you andContinue reading ““Road Map of Our Soul” – Ariana’s latest collection of poems now available”


COMING SOON FROM: “THE ROAD MAP OF OUR SOUL” A preview of what’s to come…. ________________________________ SIMPLY STARDUST The burning question that lies within, deep into our hopeful wistful hearts, the statement that wanders so freely throughout our inquiring mind… An awaiting mystery we attempt to solve so many times … again and again… ForContinue reading ““THE ROAD MAP OF OUR SOUL PREVIEW””

Dark Poetry: “Static in My Mind” from an upcoming collection, “Buried Alive.”

This is a poem from my new collection that I am working on, “Buried Alive.” This one is called, “Static in My Mind.” It will be out later towards the end of this year.   The collection, “Buried Alive,” is about the thoughts that we have in our mind, that deeply trouble us – thatContinue reading “Dark Poetry: “Static in My Mind” from an upcoming collection, “Buried Alive.””

Our minds are intricate…

  From “Road Map of Our Soul”  ******************************* “Our minds, are a road map to so many paths within our soul- full of memories, thoughts, calculations… They are so intricate…Yet, sometimes, we fail to have our minds and heart connect at the same time…” Ariana Cherry’s newest collection of poems, “Road Map of Our Soul,”Continue reading “Our minds are intricate…”

Book Sale” Between Light & Darkness” is on sale for $2.99! Available on Kindle! My book “Between Light and Darkness” is available on Booktastic today for just $2.99! Download it to Kindle! Take the journey through the darkness back into the light again… Within the depths of our mind, we are battling the duel of light and darkness, good and evil and love & hate. We strive forContinue reading “Book Sale” Between Light & Darkness” is on sale for $2.99! Available on Kindle!”

Interact with Author, Ariana R. Cherry…

I have created a new group on Facebook where you all can interact with me. I will post my most recent poems, previews to new books and poetry collections that I am working on, perform live poetry readings on Facebook and you will have a chance to buy my books BEFORE they go LIVE onContinue reading “Interact with Author, Ariana R. Cherry…”

New on Kindle: Between Light & Darkness

My new book, “Between Light and Darkness” is now available on Kindle for $3.99, Kindle Unlimited and in print for $9.99. It is a collection of my newest poems… A journey through the fog, into the light…. Click here to check it out on Amazon.  Within the depths of our mind, we are battling theContinue reading “New on Kindle: Between Light & Darkness”

Books & Photography for sale in Ariana’s Author Shop

  Ariana has created a small online shop featuring her current published books and postcards with her photography. You can purchase postcards for $2.00 each. Her books are priced anywhere from $6-$10. If you are interested in purchasing a book from her, visit her shop at: