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I will be a special guest on “The Rift- Words from the Other Side”this Sunday evening. It will air LIVE 8-10pm Central Time/ 9-11pm Eastern Time.



Join The Hitman and the return to air for the show, Carin Smurl as Co-Host. As they speak with Ariana Cherry on her writings and how she became who she is today. A voyage of words and time brought together by fate. Hear her transformation and her travels.

Ariana Cherry- Dark writer of fantastic words of poetry , songs, and short stories. Her web of words are like no another. Inspired by the works of Richmonds own ,Edgar  Poe. She follows in the path of how darkness may help you see light, Her assault on words taking you to another place and or another time, feeling the emotions she leaves for you as you are taken in .


You can listen in by clicking on the link below Sunday evening  at 8pm Central/9pm Eastern via your computer, tablet or phone. You may also call in to listen in to at: (323)580-5703.

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I hope you will join with me Sunday evening. You can call in to ask me questions and speak with me as well. This is my first Podcast and I am super excited -maybe a little nervous, but I am looking forward to sharing with those who are listening.

Hope to see you there!


How do you destroy the monster without actually becoming one?

How do you conqueror the darkness without actually becoming lost?

How do you reach out for warmth when it burns to your touch, but your heart, craves it so much?

Nobody said fighting the monster would be easy, but somehow, you fight, just so you can save your true identity…

Don’t allow the monster in your head, as he will only drag you down the spiraling abyss instead…

Become what the monster loathes…pity his soul, show mercy…but don’t you dare let him stare into your eyes…He will torture your spirit to its very core…making you hate him more.

Fight the fire…for the light, will burn him out. Then my dear, you can embrace…warmth.

– Ariana R Cherry 2017


Time Trip After Midnight

After the midnight bell has tolled
and the harvest moon danced behind dark clouds,
I’ve become lost and entangled with cryptic thoughts.

Down the rabbit hole I’ve spiraled
with just enough light to spark a faint star.
Mysterious thoughts evoke a ghastly passion
that I can not chase away…
The questions that come to mind imprison my imagination
taking me on a mystic trip beyond our farthest universe.

For the whispers of the night,
tell me how time has no concept in a life hereafter…
But here, as I lay awake on this psychotic mind trip,
the chimes of an antique grandfather clock echo throughout the halls,
remind me of the sleep that has not gifted me grandly.
Time is all that lies heavy on thy heart,
as it seems there is never enough…

But the wise whispers remind me of the deep rest
that shall overcome me one day…
For now, time shall not haunt me
and I should live as if it has no meaning nor concept…

And yet, I lay awake, listening to the chimes,
their bells reminding me that time should not persuade my soul…

For while this life is short,
The journey seems long as I try to escape
from a tainted rabbit hole
searching for that faint light that lit up my star
on this mystic trip that traveled beyond our farthest universe.

– Ariana R. Cherry 2017



Blinding periodical bits of madness
that dances upon an estranged soul…
A blackness that permeated a once bright light
into a dull dark cloud,
Covering a wild hidden forest with its own
personal death shroud.
Echoes of solemn wolf howls flow through the deep woods,
releasing an invisible pain…

A song of despair is written,
as each instrument of nature plays its assigned part
pulling at broken heartstrings and
releasing bits of madness that
escape through the cold breeze of the blowing wind.

The dawn has just ended
and night has yet to begin.

-Ariana R. Cherry 2017



Taken for Battle
Walking under the bright iridescent moonlight
and sparkling wishful stars,
I had witnessed a scene of serenity.

For I did not choose the cryptic darkness
that switched off the light to my stars
or unplugged my moon…

It had simply grabbed my frightened hand with its frozen touch,
spiraling me through a cold thick fog,
that left me nakedly blind, making it hard to navigate
through an unknown new world…

Once a vacationer on an island of eternal hope and peace,
now a forsaken tourist,
making her way through unexplored troubled waters.

Somewhere, darkness had profusely chosen me,
…even though I had refused.
For I had no choice in the matter.
I was to battle
and come out alive.

-Ariana R. Cherry 2017

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No Fear
And so my dear darling,
do not sit and weep,
For the thoughts you keep,
are only in the core
of your lonely dreams.

Hear the voices from your head,
lead you away from the
fear that you call dread.

The things that you are
afraid of the most,
Are the woes,
that only persist
to stay with you
as a host.

My sweet darling,
be still.
Be at peace.
Your world may seem at war,
But it is just those reoccuring fears
that continue to come unwanted,
knocking at your door.

In the late of of the night
or the early morn hours,
You sit up alone in
the cold darkness,
wishing for the one
you love to come hold you close
and keep you warm.

But do keep in mind,
the peace that you seek,
and the justice that you need,
is merely just inches away
in the solitude of your heart.

You are not alone,
you never were.
Don’t let the fear
take over…
For it has no control.

Only love can conqueor
the dread, that tries
to fill your troubled soul.

Hear your heartbeat,
Sense the loving spirits
that surround you when
they arrive at your rescue.

See the light shine through the darkness.
Feel the love flowing in your heart.
Never let the haunted dread,
tear your world apart…

Although your world may
seem at war…
It’s the love that will always
continue to fight…

Fear will subside,
it will worry you
never more…

Ariana Cherry 2015