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This poem is from a collection that I am beginning later this year titled, “Buried Alive,” – A collection of poems about a mind, buried in memories and psychological terror.

…held by lock and key

Through the paths of her solemn journey,
She held her head low, stayed silent,
Careful not to outshine through the fog that would creep in.

Silent, she stayed,
For her mind spoke louder than any voice she had ever offered,
But to the world, she kept mute, careful not awaken the secrets buried within…

On stage, bountiful laughter would flow from her lips,
Chatter, imitating words she mechanically spoke
That would echo a soul she once knew…

Walking through the chaotic streets,
A smile mirrored a spirit that once was free,
But behind her eyes, lived a mysterious darkness, that was invisible to the world…
Locked inside, with lock and key…
Darkness- hiding behind a light… from a spirit that thrived to be set free.

Silent, she stayed, holding secrets that she only knew,
…ghostly memories that her heart, would forever, beat to.
…and yet, a spirit waited… clenching to a lock and key,
That would one day, set her free.

Ariana R Cherry 2018



IT Comes again…(Psychological Warfare)
The mutterings of my intricate mind
Are louder than the whispers that float from my dry lips…
…the clouds of darkness swim into an already crowded room.
Its hours after midnight, and the battles return
for the hours that reside
Between our world and that other other-worldly realm.
I wave hello to my old nemesis once again as it approaches to sedate me with its nightmares…
A ghostly breath begins to choke me,
chasing away the light that had found a home,
Ringing in that old darkness that once haunted me,
Reminding me – that it hasn’t forgotten its old resting place,
Nor had I forgotten it….
…An old friend and enemy all in one….
Yet strangely comforting at such a wicked hour.
It comes again…
Like a prisoner with its ball and chain,
Always lingering, never quite gone,
Closing my eyes, I begin the horrific battle
inside its brutal nightmare…
Walking a thin wired tightrope line,
a crackling brimstone fire burning below,
My soul fighting for life from the eternal heat of fury…
The darkness strangles the bright light from within,
Evoking whimpering piercing cries that echo
throughout the haunting night….
It comes again…
Reminding me of its manifestations and what it can become…
Its never quite gone…just lingering….
Waiting for my heavenly light to dim…
The darkness…aching for my saved soul,
to drown in its weary woes…
The mutterings of my intricate mind…
So much louder than the cries that ache from my moist lips…
It’s psychological warfare…
Between this world, and that “other-worldly realm”
…It comes again…
Battling until dawn…
Waiting for me
To become
– Ariana R Cherry 2018
Eternal Haunting
She fought within her mind,
the origin of her own mortality…
The completion of it all…
Her own eternal being would haunt her…
It seemed as if death itself, the dark knight,
beckoned upon her doorsteps,
rapping at her door in rhythmical undertones…
The young soul, sat, perched in her black leather recliner,
hunkering down in fear, hoping for the rapping to quiet.
Her mind would shout louder than the fear that trapped her.
But those mindful conundrums wouldn’t drown out
death’s rhythmical rapping.
Eternity was craved, yet still feared within her heart.
She ached for warmth and light,
and for the darkness of death to let her go…
She hoped for a brilliant eternal light instead, to show.
…and to just, blow away the coldness of death
and its ever, mindless endless rapping.
– Ariana R Cherry 2018

” A journey from dark to light…Don’t be afraid of the darkness…Light will not fail us even when the stars have gone to sleep.’

Midnight Days
On those midnight days,
I can’t feel safe in my
own shaken skin…
All those haunting dark memories arrive once again, rushing in…

My aching and frightened
heart shutters…
And The well sadly overflows…

All the Earth shattering emotions
Wake up the darkness that
Had been hiding far beyond my
Locked door in the secret forest
Which I had built so many
Years ago.

…I’d pushed those memories
away once
And salvaged the pieces that
Were broken…

But on those midnight days…
Sometimes all it takes is a
minute jolt…
An echo from the past…
….they can create madness in me
In just a few seconds flat.
I am no longer my own.

….there are days, my
Apprehensive mind is at war…
And there’s nothing but love’s light
That I beg for…

Humbly I kneel,
As I play the game of this
soldier’s mind war.
…emotions gripping me with their fine tipped sword,
Piercing my determined heart…
With love’s grace, I battle,
refusing to fall apart…

I won’t let them give me
Anymore midnight days…
…and unbearable pain
that flickers throughout
The costume of my skin…

I’m just a soul.
Just a soul inside…
…fighting for love’s pure grace…

Take away, my midnight days.

– Ariana R Cherry

Something mysterious…
almost haunting
lingers within…
Heavy atmosphere,
and unknown energies dance
around her soul’s outer-edges…
A force, tugs at her aching heart through each sunrise
and follows after the late afternoon sunset,
and then again, as the moon rises to the night sky
to join the band of astrological constellations and stars.
Something silently lingers.
For it is present…
with no name,
but a driven force, that grows closer each day…
She is not alone.
An invisible presence follows her every waking move…
The blowing seasonal wind quietly whispers her given name,
but with a quick glance…
there is no gentleman or dame.
Her beating frightened heart, fills with varied emotions,
and tugs heavy on her curious soul…
For someone is constantly seeking…
There is a persistent goal.
But why do they call her name?
For her daily footsteps are followed,
and recorded, etched in the invisible air…
and whispers echo, passing through the
long strands of her hair…
The uninvited, hover above…
as she surrounds herself in nothing but
an overwhelming bounty of love…
Uninvited guests they are…
Yet persistent – here they stay.
No definite answers come to mind.
Although her spirit is unsure of what there is to find.
Echoes of their historical past, arise every day,
She calmly bows her head…
sending forth her wondering questions
as she feverishly prays…
And in response,
The wind blows ever so sweetly,
dancing throughout the cool air…
But why do they call her by name?
Ariana R Cherry 2018


His Choice

It stood on the corner of its high rock cliff,
pearing down at an aching world below….

He saw a world of havoc, pain and confusion…
Love was lost in between the waves of dense fog
that hung heavy in the polluted air….

Standing on the corner,
Watching, waiting,
It folded his hands, gathering wisdom,
lost in its thoughts,
as he feathered out his angelic wings,
waiting for a descision to take flight.

Would the people understand…?
…Would they gather around and take note,
of this hurting land?
Or were they blind to all of the obscenities that
sinked this failing world’s boat?

… Will he make this choice,
to fall to his fate,
to recall his human form…
In hope, that one day, love could once again win
from the war of unending hate….

…He watched.
He thoughtfully waited….

A world in so much despair,
But this angel loved so much and had so much compassion-
It was hard not to care…

Pearing down at this world,
Waiting for its chance to be reborn….

He folded his unfurled wings, said a prayer,
stepped off his claimed cliff,
and fell,
to save a world from sin.

Ariana R. Cherry 2018



A River Gone Dry

A crumbling river of red and broken stones found itself
flowing through the cracks of an aching heart…
A hurting soul of human pain that painted
itself upon a heavy chest..…

Bits of escaping light attempted to sparkle through the
brick wall that seemed to suddenly cement itself,
creating a barren locked door.

Heavy was the soul,
although light attempted to fiercely travel
through the deepening cracks of its aching heart…

A sullen desert resided within her innocent eyes,
pools and rivers, gone dry,
with no tear, yet to cry…

How many years, weeks and days had gone by,
without a drop falling from heavy dry eyes?

….Heavy chest…
and hurting soul,
a heart begging for mercy called upon faith
to break down its doors,
so that a river could flow through the desert once more…

– Ariana R. Cherry 2018