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Within the depths of our mind, we are battling the duel of light and darkness, good and evil and love & hate. We strive for light, but then the dark clouds reveal their shadow and then they prevail.

Throughout life, we all encounter both darkness and light.Take a journey through these pages of poetry as you travel through the fog in search of that ray of light.



For now, I shall languish among the floating pale clouds,

as my creative spark wanders,

finding its way through the feeble dark…


A line is on hold

waiting for its eternal story to be told…

My faint beating heart is at rest…

whispering, yet silent,

as it waits to attest…


…through the feeble darkness,

there has been much pain

which has caused so much to drain,

from the exhausted soul,

who wishes nothing

but for more time

to sleep away all of the noise

which has disturbed

its very sensitive inquisitive mind.


For now, I shall languish, floating among the pale clouds,

as I pass by the brightly lit moon,

finding my way through the feeble darkness of the night.


Ariana R. Cherry 2017


What if Life were a Metaphor?

Take a moment,
unwind your busy thoughtful mind…

Unfurl the concepts,
the now…and what is..

My friend,
I ask you this…
What if life, were merely, a metaphor?

That vast life, and never-ending beauty all around
was purely out of reach…
That somehow, this was just another entrance,
from that undiscovered open door…

A mirror image, of what we thought was…and is.
A reflection of our minds and unattainable knowledge…

…For somewhere beyond,
our weary hearts, lead us to that literal dead-end stone wall…
Our hands, surprised by its unending strength,
as if built by something else more superior…
Enlightened by an ethereal beauty
we can no longer physically touch…
because life…was merely a metaphor…

So…then, what could this possibly mean
for you and me?

What is this existence?
How does life sustain?

If- the journey, is merely a metaphor?

…or dear friend,
Are we all just in a cocoon…
locked into a well of deep slumber,

where we come to meet
in this such lucid episodic dream,

because – somebody said…


was just a metaphor?

– Ariana R. Cherry 2017


If you missed Ariana on the RIFT, here is the recorded episode from April 30th…. Listen to Ariana discuss her story, how she gets her ideas and hear her read her poetry…

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Join The Hitman and the return to air for the show, Carin Smurl as Co-Host. As they speak with Ariana Cherry on her writings and how she became who she is today. A voyage of words and time brought together by fate. Hear her transformation and her travels.

Ariana Cherry- Dark writer of fantastic words of poetry , songs, and short stories. Her web of words are like no another. Inspired by the works of Richmonds own ,Edgar  Poe. She follows in the path of how darkness may help you see light, Her assault on words taking you to another place and or another time, feeling the emotions she leaves for you as you are taken in .


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I hope you will join with me Sunday evening. You can call in to ask me questions and speak with me as well. This is my first Podcast and I am super excited -maybe a little nervous, but I am looking forward to sharing with those who are listening.

Hope to see you there!


How do you destroy the monster without actually becoming one?

How do you conqueror the darkness without actually becoming lost?

How do you reach out for warmth when it burns to your touch, but your heart, craves it so much?

Nobody said fighting the monster would be easy, but somehow, you fight, just so you can save your true identity…

Don’t allow the monster in your head, as he will only drag you down the spiraling abyss instead…

Become what the monster loathes…pity his soul, show mercy…but don’t you dare let him stare into your eyes…He will torture your spirit to its very core…making you hate him more.

Fight the fire…for the light, will burn him out. Then my dear, you can embrace…warmth.

– Ariana R Cherry 2017


Time Trip After Midnight

After the midnight bell has tolled
and the harvest moon danced behind dark clouds,
I’ve become lost and entangled with cryptic thoughts.

Down the rabbit hole I’ve spiraled
with just enough light to spark a faint star.
Mysterious thoughts evoke a ghastly passion
that I can not chase away…
The questions that come to mind imprison my imagination
taking me on a mystic trip beyond our farthest universe.

For the whispers of the night,
tell me how time has no concept in a life hereafter…
But here, as I lay awake on this psychotic mind trip,
the chimes of an antique grandfather clock echo throughout the halls,
remind me of the sleep that has not gifted me grandly.
Time is all that lies heavy on thy heart,
as it seems there is never enough…

But the wise whispers remind me of the deep rest
that shall overcome me one day…
For now, time shall not haunt me
and I should live as if it has no meaning nor concept…

And yet, I lay awake, listening to the chimes,
their bells reminding me that time should not persuade my soul…

For while this life is short,
The journey seems long as I try to escape
from a tainted rabbit hole
searching for that faint light that lit up my star
on this mystic trip that traveled beyond our farthest universe.

– Ariana R. Cherry 2017