Poem: Prisoner to Pain

Prisoner to Pain The deep pull from within her soul, the feelings that got buried and locked away… Kept them from surfacing, so they couldn’t see the growing pain behind the glow in her loving eyes. The smile on her soft face, the ring in her joyful laughs, She hid every dark memory, to showContinue reading “Poem: Prisoner to Pain”

The Nighttime Soul Battle

The Nighttime Soul Battle In the dim moonlight with pale stars hanging low in the black sky, I sit up, awakened into the heavy darkness of the cold air…. Awake I have risen, disturbing thoughts flashing madly through my confused mind, Breaking through barriers, my memory had shut down so long ago. Tonight they escape.Continue reading “The Nighttime Soul Battle”

Lost, but I surrender…

Down the trotted path I troth, breathing in a lost forgotten darkness that I so terribly loathe. My heart has grown cold, and my blood is thin as I begin to shiver in the damp cool mist. Why this place has forsaken me, I do not know. My memory is faded, as it has lostContinue reading “Lost, but I surrender…”

Demon’s Seduction

Photo source: Image source: Demon Seduction The beckoning of cruel darkness Sends hot electricity through my soul, Magnifying my most sacred kept secrets. The torches of intense flames burn With my desires, as I become one With the underworld… The heat of sinful ecstasy Wildly captures my spirit, Screaming my name as it Echoes intoContinue reading “Demon’s Seduction”