Dark Inspiring Poetry: “Stories in my Head”

STORIES IN MY HEAD ***********   Walking down a crowded side street, My weary head hangs low, careful not to meet the eye Of the others who pass me by.   Afraid they may see the thoughts spiraling that consume me in my screaming head The darkness swimming with all the creatures of dread.  Continue reading “Dark Inspiring Poetry: “Stories in my Head””

Poetry: Between the Veil

Between the Veil ********************* There’s a veil between two well-known worlds… The past… A whirlwind of roller-coaster memories that still travel forwards  through the archival mind “It’s time…. ,” the wind whispers…. And the present… Where… While several years have passed… Yet, the heart still sometimes finds itself lingering in the middle of that veil.Continue reading “Poetry: Between the Veil”

Poetry : “A Soul’s Fight for Innocence”

  A Soul’s Fight for Innocence ————————————- Looking backwards in passing time, Beyond a few decades or so… Perhaps, a child’s lifetime ago… A bright-eyed soul, innocent and carefree, Walked among the Earth’s lands, Unknown to the troubles of a world, That could be…. A soul with big dreams… A soul with overflowing hope… AndContinue reading “Poetry : “A Soul’s Fight for Innocence””

Poetry: Foreign Inhabitants (a poem about chronic pain)

  Foreign Inhabitants ——————- …she runs her jagged fingernails down the length of the bare white wall, Leaving a trail of chipped paint behind…. Carefully, she tries to stifle the scream that attempts to escape her dry parched lips. A tear dances down her damp rosy cheek, As once again, her tired mind attempts aContinue reading “Poetry: Foreign Inhabitants (a poem about chronic pain)”

Dark Poetry: Imprisoned in My Mind

    Imprisoned in My Mind Behind the fiery sparks, That light my intertwined thoughts, I’m held, Imprisoned in my mind. An entire other world, That faces off with the reality That I see in front of my innocent eyes. …Imprisoned in my mind, I confront the every-day tasks at hand… Fighting off a reality,Continue reading “Dark Poetry: Imprisoned in My Mind”

Dark Poetry: “Static in My Mind” from an upcoming collection, “Buried Alive.”

This is a poem from my new collection that I am working on, “Buried Alive.” This one is called, “Static in My Mind.” It will be out later towards the end of this year.   The collection, “Buried Alive,” is about the thoughts that we have in our mind, that deeply trouble us – thatContinue reading “Dark Poetry: “Static in My Mind” from an upcoming collection, “Buried Alive.””

Poetry: Silenced: By Lock and Key

This poem is from a collection that I am beginning later this year titled, “Buried Alive,” – A collection of poems about a mind, buried in memories and psychological terror. ******************************************* SILENCED …held by lock and key Through the paths of her solemn journey, She held her head low, stayed silent, Careful not to outshineContinue reading “Poetry: Silenced: By Lock and Key”

Dark Poetry: IT Comes Again (Psychological Warfare)

IT Comes again…(Psychological Warfare) ————————————————————   The mutterings of my intricate mind Are louder than the whispers that float from my dry lips… …the clouds of darkness swim into an already crowded room.   Its hours after midnight, and the battles return for the hours that reside Between our world and that other other-worldly realm.Continue reading “Dark Poetry: IT Comes Again (Psychological Warfare)”

Poetry: Eternal Haunting

Eternal Haunting ———————————————–   She fought within her mind, the origin of her own mortality… The completion of it all… Her own eternal being would haunt her…   It seemed as if death itself, the dark knight, beckoned upon her doorsteps, rapping at her door in rhythmical undertones…   The young soul, sat, perched inContinue reading “Poetry: Eternal Haunting”