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I am seeking some reviews from some willing readers… While I’ve received some great five-star reviews from Realistic Poetry International and Reader’s Favorite – (and I was very appreciative of those!), I would like some reviews posted on my Amazon book page from other readers as well…
In exchange for a review, I will either give you a free digital copy of Twisted Paths Poetry and/or Only If (part 1). When you are finished, I would like a review on their Amazon book pages.I will send you a link to the page.
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Michael, ignoring my question, pulled me down to the
open seat.

Now, miss Clara, sit. Rest. You must be worn from caring for Agatha. Tell me, lovely…all the demons that haunt your mind.
I know…that kiss was not just by accident.” ….

Clara is squirming as she tells me her story…..She has not forgotten! Stay tuned …

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My epic poetic horror tale, “Only If” received its second five-star review from Realistic Poetry International…


Review of Only If by Ariana R Cherry

Ariana’s poetry epic “Only If” is a tragic tale of love, friendship, betrayal, and toxic jealousy that leaves you speechless! Shocking emotional twists spiral the lives of three individuals, Bill, Michael, and Clara, into a loathing cyclone of inescapable misery and despair. Severed hearts and heightened emotions then inevitably lead to a dark, cold, and lonely prison cell where Bill, an innocent man, is locked away as a prisoner for a crime he did not commit….(Click here to continue reading the review).

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Here is a video of a reading from my epic poetic tale, “Only If” – Canto 1.

If you were ever interested in reading any of my work, two of my books are available to download for free for a short time.  The first book available for download is my most recent epic tale, “Only If,” and the other is my inspirational poetry collection, “Divine Poetry for a Spiritual Mind.” If you would like to review my book once you have read it, you can do so on Amazon or commenting here. I hope you decide to check one or even both of them out.

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onlyiffrontcoverOnly If” tells the horrific tale of Billy, who has gone crazy from sitting in a jail cell for years and blamed for the murder of his wife… Throughout the years, he relives that specific night, when he lost his beloved wife, Clara. Stuck in a jail cell, locked away from everyone who had loved him and a memory that continues to haunt him each waking day. To most, he looks and sounds to be a crazy lunatic murderer, but deep down, Billy is just a scarred man with graphic disturbing memories that carry him to the edge of his sanity. Written in a poetic epic style, “Only If” will surely entice the reader to join Billy down memory lane and experience the tragedy that brought him to this very moment in life.




Divine Poetry for a Spiritual Mind” is a book of poems that will bring you hope, enlightenment and inspiration. These poems encourage you to look more within yourself and find out what your destiny or mission is in your life. The world is a much bigger place than we could ever imagine and our lives are only the beginning of a beautiful lesson…

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Clara will rise from the dead, March 2017 to tell her story. -and she wants revenge!

Clara’s Introduction
Curiousity with death…
I’ve had plenty.
But to walk on the other side –
to stare death in the face.
Well – here I am.
I’m looking at it.
And – It wasn’t by choice.
Cold blood murdered.
That’s me.
A victim of murder with no choice in the matter.
My beauty didn’t matter –
and you know what?
It still doesn’t matter.
You want to know why?
Because I’m dead.
I’m dead…
and now – they are going to pay…