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We are not broken

We are not battered…


Our souls might have shattered,

but they will be mended,

as each piece is put back together…


We are warriors,

our hearts were not broken –

they were only conditioned,

so that they could grow stronger.


When the desolate fog creeps in

through an unsteady mind of haunting thoughts,

We get ready for battle,

because it is all that we know.


Battle has become second nature

At one time, our hearts were whole,

but then, darkness stomped on it,

and we were left with the war of healing.


In time, spirits were lifted up

and found their dance once again with the stars.


Warmth radiated from the sun,

introducing a newfound love

that once was hidden in a smog of darkness…


No longer, were the nights so lonely and full of fear,

because through the battles, the moon offered a light of hope.


Tattered wings no more.

A glass heart, no longer transparent.


We are not battered.

We have not lost.

We are angel warriors.

We have won.


-Ariana R. Cherry 2016


Broken Wings

An angel of repentance with a heart of stone.

A heart that was once soft to the touch, now lay dormant, cold as rigid ice.

Her long dark flowing hair wrapped around a pale slim body adorned with broken wings

torn to shame, which she wore like bad memories.

The fallen angel once was inhabited with a warm rich soul,

but now it hovered listlessly,
confused feeling cold and abandoned.


Once flying high above the spiritual universe,

she twinkled with the stars and shone with the moon.

Now she struggles for the warmth of the sun

and the love, of an everlasting spirit…


Broken wings, broken soul.

Broken heart.

Will she prevail to rise again?


-Ariana R. Cherry

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In desperation, they will fall victim to the darkness when the light blinds them.

Through the dark, the lost will reach out for a hand,

Only to be pushed back farther…

The darkness begins to taunt them

But captures their curiosity all the same.

The fallen may not agree with all the light has to offer,

so they turn to a mirage of possibilities

which seem unmistakably real.

Although, they shall find out later,

It was the bait to pull them in through the dark.

They become sullen, fallen creatures of uncertainty

Who will be tortured by the shadow spirits

and broken by a false hope.

With only a blinding light creeping through the cracks,

They will only hope to rise up,

without the fear of being pushed farther back

into a dark hole

where all possibilities of rebirth





Ariana R. Cherry 2015


Twisted heart
Tortured confused soul,
Trying to capture the light,
But instead, it ended up
Tearing her spirit apart.

Alone in her corrupted thoughts
She reached for the moon
and the stars…
But instead,
found herself slain.

Under the moonlight,
Her hair swept over her slender shoulders,
and golden eyes became darkened,
Her spirit desperately was in search of a sparkle
and the way back to her heart.

Fallen and torn,
her only hope
is to grow wings
and be reborn.

-Ariana R. Cherry 2015

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On the floor,
she wept after
her fall from grace.

Tortured and torn,
her wings were of no use
from her fallen freedom.

Weak and alone,
she fell to the floor
and no longer rose
above the kingdom.

All powers lost.
She awaits her final destiny,
with the reaper
at bay.

-Ariana R. Cherry 2015


She stood in the stillness
of the mist from
a silver moonlight…

Waiting for the whispers,
To tell her the story
of the stars…

She waited for the truth
of her story.
The moment,
when her moon,
met the universe of her world.

In the midst,
she strolled slowly,
listening to her heartbeat
echo in the silence.

It was her time to ascend.
To find the truth
to feel her heart,
and know,
where she must go.

-Ariana R. Cherry 2015

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