Handcrafted Jewelry in 2018…

  I’ve decided to start creating more handcrafted necklaces…One of my favorite types of necklaces to make are the oil diffuser locket necklaces. They have felt pads inside the lockets which the wearer can place their favorite drops of essential oils on…  When they  wear it, they can smell their favorite oils all day. TheContinue reading “Handcrafted Jewelry in 2018…”

Handmade Jewelry: Black Hemp & Chain Bracelet

I am going to start posting my handmade jewelry on my blog for anyone who is interested. Aside from writing , drawing and digital painting, I  also like to make handmade jewelry. If anyone is interested in purchasing, I will take offers. ___________________ Handmade black hemp and chain bracelet with glass beads and turquoise charm.