Poetry: Layers of Anxiety

Layers of Anxiety Rapid pulsating quick heartbeats dance as nervous drops of sweat drip down a clammy forehead, as you try not to concentrate on the worries swimming in your head after you have spoken. Shaking palms and wobbly legs stumble on a flat ground as if it were a balancing beam, when you walkContinue reading “Poetry: Layers of Anxiety”

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Normal Love

Originally posted on Ariana R. Cherry: Poet & Artist:
Normal Love I thought my life was normal. Caught up in my own farce, I thought it was what all the other couples did. I knew no other way. I let you let me cry. I thought it was okay, to feel like you wanted to…

Life on Pause: Helping a friend or relative who has PTSD and/or has faced trauma.

At some point or another, many of us will or have faced some type of trauma in our lives… We all have had to face fears or witness something we really wish we hadn’t… Things happen in our life and we really don’t know why – but we try to take them all as lessonsContinue reading “Life on Pause: Helping a friend or relative who has PTSD and/or has faced trauma.”

Inspirational Poem: “An Unfairy Tale Kind of Love”

  An UnFairy-Tale Kind of Love   I had been hurting for so long. You were blind to see that what you did was wrong.   My tears slid, one by one, but you never once apologized for what you had done.   I thought every love was meant to last, but at that moment,Continue reading “Inspirational Poem: “An Unfairy Tale Kind of Love””

Life on Pause: Searching for memories and the disassociation war.

  and my war with PTSD.  The other day, I got an offer from Shutterfly where I could save $20 -some Christmas in July thing…Well that prompted me to look through some really old photos – really old… Photos from over 10 years ago – when my daughter was just a toddler (she’s close toContinue reading “Life on Pause: Searching for memories and the disassociation war.”