Dark Poetry: Sweet Deadly Lullaby

A poem for the Halloween season – or for when the midnight has escaped with the moon… Not scary, just slightly…eerie. A deadly sweet lullaby. ________________________________ Sweet Deadly Lullaby A soft lowly eerie lullaby did play ever so sweetly into the midnight… Its tunes strumming the beats of my heart and tickling the faucets ofContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Sweet Deadly Lullaby”

Starting a YouTube Channel Featuring Poetry Videos & Photography Slideshows

I am creating a YouTube Channel. For anyone who is interested, I will be creating poetry videos featuring me reading my poetry mixed with background music and videography. I also will put together slideshows showcasing my photography and artwork. If you would like to see my work “come alive,” check out my youtube channel andContinue reading “Starting a YouTube Channel Featuring Poetry Videos & Photography Slideshows”

Horror Poetry: Only If -now in print

My short epic poetry tale, Only If is now available for purchase at Amazon….                           Check out the sypnosis and preview below.  ________________________________________________ “Only If” tells the horrific tale of Billy, who has gone crazy from sitting in a jail cell for years andContinue reading “Horror Poetry: Only If -now in print”

Only If: Excerpt and Book Cover

It is literally just days before my new epic poetic tale, “Only If,” is released. It is Edgar Allen Poe inspired and one of my first epic poems to date… Here is the cover… Now enjoy an excerpt…. In his lonely, chilly chamber, Bill continued his journey of retrospection. Second thoughts? I’ve had plenty. ToContinue reading “Only If: Excerpt and Book Cover”

Dark Poetry:Master Illusionist of the Dark Realm

This poem is written after my friend and Gothic Horror Illusionist/Actor, Ron Fitzgerald.  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0280377/   MASTER ILLUSIONIST of the DARK REALM Charming wicked delightful magician Mad illusionist laughing in the delight of his darkness. I dare you, stare into the deep glowing eyes of this creative master. He shall secretly bring you into a hypnoticContinue reading “Dark Poetry:Master Illusionist of the Dark Realm”

Dark/Horror Poetry:Bring Back the Night

Bring Back the Night ————————– There’s a lonely place that many do not visit Down in the depths where the moon is black and the stars are unplugged… The rage is overheated and fear has overgrown but those who are lonely, no longer feel undefeated. Many don’t come here often- as it’s often overlooked. TheContinue reading “Dark/Horror Poetry:Bring Back the Night”

Horror: Only If (a peak inside)

(A PEAK INTO “ONLY IF”) ————————————— The wind howled at his throat as he sulked silently. There was nothing else for him to do, as he lied in his uncomfortable ratty bed, staring at the dirty ceiling up above. Billy had been here for years, without a glimpse of the outside world. The only sightContinue reading “Horror: Only If (a peak inside)”

Horror: New Book Project: “Only If”

  I am excited to share with you another book project I am working on. I am revamping an old epic poem I wrote back from when I was in junior high. It is a horror/murder mystery that I wrote after being exposed to Edgar Allen Poe for the first time. We had just finishedContinue reading “Horror: New Book Project: “Only If””

Dark Poetry: Uncharted Paths

Uncharted Paths ————————-   Upon the pondering of her pen and awakening from an unplanned rest, A young girl took upon herself a mission of travel.   A travel in which she would perhaps become lost… or one, that she might become found… Something that could claim to be a vacation of her mind, orContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Uncharted Paths”

Horror Poetry: Life After the Zombie Apocalypse

Awhile back, I spoke of a disturbing dream I had about an infected zombie race…No, I didn’t watch any scary movies, watch The Walking Dead or read any scary books….The dream felt quite real and I could experience sight, smell and sounds…..yet again, I have a pretty good imagination……I was told I should write aboutContinue reading “Horror Poetry: Life After the Zombie Apocalypse”