Horror Poetry: Twisted Apart

TWISTED APART ************************** Twisted heart Tortured confused soul, Trying to capture the light, But instead, it ended up Tearing her spirit apart. Alone in her corrupted thoughts She reached for the moon and the stars… But instead, found herself slain. Under the moonlight, Her hair swept over her slender shoulders, and golden eyes became darkened,Continue reading “Horror Poetry: Twisted Apart”

Dark Poetry: Master of Nightmares

Master of Nightmares Slow enticing deep down dread filled the empty thoughts in the young girl’s head. All of the bustling noise that she once heard, now lay stagnant and silent, while waiting for the screams of those screaming in writhing pain dripping a fury blood red. The intoxicating, frightening dreams that shook and cradledContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Master of Nightmares”

Poem: Fallen and Taken

On the floor, she wept after her fall from grace. Tortured and torn, her wings were of no use from her fallen freedom. Weak and alone, she fell to the floor and no longer rose above the kingdom. All powers lost. She awaits her final destiny, with the reaper at bay. -Ariana R. Cherry 2015

Magnetic Poetry: Zombie Life

Little mindless corpse Beneath the dirt. Undead vicious flesh-eating zombie. You know wretched madness And wander through the city screaming. Confused and dead, You feast on rotten flesh, Destroying the human skull. Insane unstoppable soul, Shatter our need to live And you destroy time. A rotten plague of the undead. Heartless, soulless creature Who wandersContinue reading “Magnetic Poetry: Zombie Life”

Author’s Rage: Beware of the Horror Writer

  One must be aware and carefulwhen battling the horror of writer’s rage.The power and intensity of it all,is not something that can be contained in a cage. Pens flair with an evil reflecting glare,and the paper burns up with hot ink.Those thoughts can be more dangerous than you think! The madness of horror,even theContinue reading “Author’s Rage: Beware of the Horror Writer”

The Story and dance of the Demon Master (And how he caught his mortal souls)

  Beyond the damp dingy sewers and into the underground,where the earthworms burrow and termites bite,I creep within the soils, into the mud,below the trails of decaying rotting human flesh,in search of a satisfying delightful treat. For I spend much of my time,hidden into the earth’s darkness,in search of souls that bring me short-lived happyContinue reading “The Story and dance of the Demon Master (And how he caught his mortal souls)”

A Blood Rage Story

Tonight, I escape to the darkened city street, hiding away from the reflections of blinding street-lamps. Lost inside my own mind, hunkering down from society’s so-called bliss of socialization. I am not one with music of the city beat. Oh how I cringe at the heartfelt laughs! They painfully pierce through my ears. And thoseContinue reading “A Blood Rage Story”

Wicked Delightful Ecstasy

I’ve spent too much time in the wicked wrath of torture… I envy those whose blood I see spills To the floor through their open wounded pores.   I shriek with absolute jealous delight, Wishing that were me, screaming in pain… This beloved darkness is everything I have to gain!   In loneliness, darkness andContinue reading “Wicked Delightful Ecstasy”

The Lonely Lady in the Red-Hooded Cape

A bright full moon shines upon high, into a starless night. Clouds float slowly through the darkness, finding their way through a fog. Into the silent of the moon-lit night, a wolf’s emotional howl is heard, echoing through the icy breeze, sending chills down the spine of anyone who hears. Down below, onto the earthlyContinue reading “The Lonely Lady in the Red-Hooded Cape”