Dark Poetry:The Outcast

The Outcast I’d rather not say that I am insane, My mind will not comprehend such a thing, Nor would appreciate you to suggest so…   But it is absolute pain that erases the numbness.. Not a smile, laugh, frown, sadness… Or your hand upon my knee… It is blunt pain, that paints such aContinue reading “Dark Poetry:The Outcast”

Dark Poetry: Secrets of Mortality

Secrets of Mortality ———————– Our own mortality. One of the things that humans fear the most. Death. The end. ultimate termination. The cryptic darkness that awaits as we pray for the everlasting bright light. Mortality. It haunts us through the very core of our thin skin. In the loneliness of a moonless midnight we layContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Secrets of Mortality”

Featured on Realistic Poetry International

My writing and art was featured in an article written by Realistic Poetry International.     A STAR IN THE TWILIGHT…. Check out the article by clicking on the link below: http://www.realisticpoetry.com/poetry-blog/ariana-cherry-a-glowing-star-in-the-twilight

Books: Twisted Paths Poetry – receives 5 star Rating!

”  If you’ve ever wondered what the darkness looks like, this is it….”   – Realistic Poetry International (Click here to purchase on Amazon!)     I was honored to receive a 5-star rating from Realistic Poetry International on my horror poetry  collection, Twisted Paths Poetry. The review can be found below: ____________________ The BlacknessContinue reading “Books: Twisted Paths Poetry – receives 5 star Rating!”

Gothic Short Story, Only If, receives 5-star Review

  Ariana Cherry’s gothic horror short story, “Only If,” received a 5 star review from ReadersFavorite.com. Reviewed by Chris-Jean Clarke for Readers’ Favorite Only If by Ariana R. Cherry opens with Bill, an elderly dishevelled man, ranting to himself in his jail cell. He has been accused and found guilty of the murder of hisContinue reading “Gothic Short Story, Only If, receives 5-star Review”

Dark Poetry: Trapped in Thy Mind

Deep lurid secrets were buried beneath innocent bones… Her skin unraveled aching to set them free. Beyond the light, something mystical was unsettling to thee… Shrieks of agony and Piercing screams of ecstasy echoed throughout thy delirious mind. Hidden memories lay dormant. Unsound. Unkept. The only escape were through the tears, thee wept. Erratic. deranged.Continue reading “Dark Poetry: Trapped in Thy Mind”

Dark Poetry: Master of Nightmares

Master of Nightmares Slow enticing deep down dread filled the empty thoughts in the young girl’s head. All of the bustling noise that she once heard, now lay stagnant and silent, while waiting for the screams of those screaming in writhing pain dripping a fury blood red. The intoxicating, frightening dreams that shook and cradledContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Master of Nightmares”

The Story and dance of the Demon Master (And how he caught his mortal souls)

  Beyond the damp dingy sewers and into the underground,where the earthworms burrow and termites bite,I creep within the soils, into the mud,below the trails of decaying rotting human flesh,in search of a satisfying delightful treat. For I spend much of my time,hidden into the earth’s darkness,in search of souls that bring me short-lived happyContinue reading “The Story and dance of the Demon Master (And how he caught his mortal souls)”

A Blood Rage Story

Tonight, I escape to the darkened city street, hiding away from the reflections of blinding street-lamps. Lost inside my own mind, hunkering down from society’s so-called bliss of socialization. I am not one with music of the city beat. Oh how I cringe at the heartfelt laughs! They painfully pierce through my ears. And thoseContinue reading “A Blood Rage Story”

Wicked Delightful Ecstasy

I’ve spent too much time in the wicked wrath of torture… I envy those whose blood I see spills To the floor through their open wounded pores.   I shriek with absolute jealous delight, Wishing that were me, screaming in pain… This beloved darkness is everything I have to gain!   In loneliness, darkness andContinue reading “Wicked Delightful Ecstasy”