Interact with Author, Ariana R. Cherry…

I have created a new group on Facebook where you all can interact with me. I will post my most recent poems, previews to new books and poetry collections that I am working on, perform live poetry readings on Facebook and you will have a chance to buy my books BEFORE they go LIVE onContinue reading “Interact with Author, Ariana R. Cherry…”

Humorous Poetry:Why I Loathe Valentine’s Day

    A funny poem I wrote about Valentine’s Day ______________________________ WHY I LOATHE VALENTINE’s DAY While love can always be in the air It’s the commercialism of the holiday that I don’t really care ABOUT. Love is something deep and true, but then the TV has to advertise with appetizing candy commercials too. TheContinue reading “Humorous Poetry:Why I Loathe Valentine’s Day”

Poetry: Chasing Rainbows (While on Narcotics–Prescription of course)

Okay, so I’ve been having some bad back pain. I was prescribed some halfway potent pain killers. And..well they’ve had some interesting side-effects.. one-of making me feel like I am barely here and having some very–umm..creative thoughts. So, what is a writer to do with these-weird feelings? Of course.. write something! So I came upContinue reading “Poetry: Chasing Rainbows (While on Narcotics–Prescription of course)”

Short Humorous Poetry: “Thou Hateth Mondays”

Thou Hateth Mondays Monday…is creeping upon us… Creeping upon us… … It’s hard to leave the weekend, it takes all of my energy, but I must arise… I must… How thou hateth Mondays… After every great weekend, everybody pays… With the sound of a sad forsaken alarm. Oh how Mondays, you come too fast… WhyContinue reading “Short Humorous Poetry: “Thou Hateth Mondays””