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Here is a poem from my upcoming collection, “Road Map of Our Soul.” I hope to have the collection released by the end of July or beginning of August….
We are all souls… out our journey….. and we hold secrets to where we have been….and to where we are going…
Beneath every soul are secrets…
Discovered and undiscovered…
…and a river, flowing with many life stories
That have been told,
Or are waiting to be told…
We are souls from every time and space,
A unit of energy in an expanded infinite universe
Created of galaxies and worlds…
Known to the unknown…
From the hands of the maker,
He who holds our heart…
…we all have a mission
Tied into our personal journey…
We’ve come so far,
But yet, have so far to go…
Searching within our hearts and trying to uncover
The secrets that we keep buried so far deep within our soul…
…sometimes, we question, just what is it,
That we are looking to find?
Perhaps, it could be simple,
That such answers are on just the tip of our tongue,
Or we must dig deeper, and widen our ears to listen…
As those answers could be heard between the
Beating of our hearts…
For our struggles and questions deem to be internal,
But our inquiring stories and sacred secrets continue to fester….
As beings, our souls are eternal,
Forever, floating in an eternity questionable existence.
– Ariana R Cherry 2018


Wondering Soul:

What is thy purpose for an earthly life that is not eternal?
For how do we know how to seek our mission
or know how much time we have…?
For our time is unknown…

Even though our minds do not have all the answers,
our hearts are overflowing with passion…
But our souls do know home-
Although our journey is not done…

We are souls and energy- created from love abundantly…
Yet in flesh, in this way of travel,it is not forever…

Our souls long for a love…eternal.

Ariana R Cherry 2018

PERFECTION ….and You- A poem
We may seek perfection…
But, we too, falter…
Perfection is unattainable,
No matter how hard we try…

…What is perfection to you?
…Why is it so important to you?
…do you feel the need to impress?
Or…have you spent your entire life trying to please-
Because of that unattainable attention you craved for
When you were young?
Were they not pleased?

“I try so hard to be perfect.
To do everything right.

…Those words you wrote just didn’t say what you wanted to…
They weren’t elegant enough…
Your hair…it just isn’t straight enough…curly enough…pretty enough.
Who is that reflection that you see in the mirror?
Is she perfect enough for you?
Was she perfect enough for others?
….Sometimes you can’t recognize her anymore…

… I spend so much time….straightening up…cleaning up…
For the perfect abode…
…that picture isn’t straight enough…
There’s a speck of dust in the corner…
So much dust…
Dust that needs to be swept into the past…
….You just want to be comfortable…
But each tiny irrelevant item shouts loudly at you…

….P..e..r…f…e…c..t..i…o…n won’t let you rest…
Perfection is unattainable.
Who do you want to be?
….Is the person you want to be attainable?

Who are you trying to please?

….Can you be happy…with just…being you?

…Perfection can be stagnant.
– Ariana R Cherry 2018


A warning…or indication of a future event.
Throughout our lives, events take place.

We question their timing…
The why’s…
…and when…
So many questions
Lead to impossible conundrums and
We look for clues.

Were we warned?
Did our divine father
leave simple hints?
Or were we blind to a truth that we didn’t want to see?

Does our life contain foreshadowing
For our mind to perceive…?
Or for perhaps our searching hearts, to feel?

Is our road life mapped out, with foreshadowing planned-
So we can see the construction up ahead?

….Can destiny be twisted ?
Or do we ultimately have faith, to let go of the reigns
From time to time?
Will we see the bumps on
this trail of life?

There are trials that
invade our safe spaces
and revelations that come to dawn…
yet, we move forward,
sometimes too quickly –
or not quick enough.

…We seek truth…
But, will the wisdom escape,
from the tip of our silent tongue,
as we await to be carried…
or do we seek the ultimate truth that is stored in the depths of
our heart strings…

– Ariana R Cherry 2018

” A journey from dark to light…Don’t be afraid of the darkness…Light will not fail us even when the stars have gone to sleep.’

Midnight Days
On those midnight days,
I can’t feel safe in my
own shaken skin…
All those haunting dark memories arrive once again, rushing in…

My aching and frightened
heart shutters…
And The well sadly overflows…

All the Earth shattering emotions
Wake up the darkness that
Had been hiding far beyond my
Locked door in the secret forest
Which I had built so many
Years ago.

…I’d pushed those memories
away once
And salvaged the pieces that
Were broken…

But on those midnight days…
Sometimes all it takes is a
minute jolt…
An echo from the past…
….they can create madness in me
In just a few seconds flat.
I am no longer my own.

….there are days, my
Apprehensive mind is at war…
And there’s nothing but love’s light
That I beg for…

Humbly I kneel,
As I play the game of this
soldier’s mind war.
…emotions gripping me with their fine tipped sword,
Piercing my determined heart…
With love’s grace, I battle,
refusing to fall apart…

I won’t let them give me
Anymore midnight days…
…and unbearable pain
that flickers throughout
The costume of my skin…

I’m just a soul.
Just a soul inside…
…fighting for love’s pure grace…

Take away, my midnight days.

– Ariana R Cherry



Bleak black darkness…
is said to be the absence of that precious light…
yet… it is also the absence of so much more –
Even our own faith.

The light within is part of our eternal soul,
in which we love, and experience warmth and joy…

Faith is the light, that shines outward…
The light – that you see which shines within our eyes,
and radiates from our innocent heart.
It is the fuel that energizes our spirit.

Within this incredible journey, which we call life,
there are obstacles that block those intricate twists and turns.
Some of them are quite foreboding…
and then there are others – that are easy to trod.

And when a half moon sends a shadow,
blocking the twinkle of the brightest stars,
our spirit can tumble down a black hole,
that swallows our beating hearts,
making it difficult to breathe life…

For the light within, fades…. and steps stumble,
tripping on the daunting journey…
A clear path can be hard to see…
and that evil mysterious darkness – hides our precious key.

For we fight through the blinding fog,
and all the precious matter sends energy
rushing through our brittle bones,
Searching for warmth and trying to create hope –
One way, for our soul to thrive.
So the spirit fights to be free…and stay alive…

Light overcomes…
Love rules.
And love wins.

“The light shines in the darkness.
And the darkness has not overcome it.”

– Ariana R Cherry 2018


His Choice

It stood on the corner of its high rock cliff,
pearing down at an aching world below….

He saw a world of havoc, pain and confusion…
Love was lost in between the waves of dense fog
that hung heavy in the polluted air….

Standing on the corner,
Watching, waiting,
It folded his hands, gathering wisdom,
lost in its thoughts,
as he feathered out his angelic wings,
waiting for a descision to take flight.

Would the people understand…?
…Would they gather around and take note,
of this hurting land?
Or were they blind to all of the obscenities that
sinked this failing world’s boat?

… Will he make this choice,
to fall to his fate,
to recall his human form…
In hope, that one day, love could once again win
from the war of unending hate….

…He watched.
He thoughtfully waited….

A world in so much despair,
But this angel loved so much and had so much compassion-
It was hard not to care…

Pearing down at this world,
Waiting for its chance to be reborn….

He folded his unfurled wings, said a prayer,
stepped off his claimed cliff,
and fell,
to save a world from sin.

Ariana R. Cherry 2018