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Bleak black darkness…
is said to be the absence of that precious light…
yet… it is also the absence of so much more –
Even our own faith.

The light within is part of our eternal soul,
in which we love, and experience warmth and joy…

Faith is the light, that shines outward…
The light – that you see which shines within our eyes,
and radiates from our innocent heart.
It is the fuel that energizes our spirit.

Within this incredible journey, which we call life,
there are obstacles that block those intricate twists and turns.
Some of them are quite foreboding…
and then there are others – that are easy to trod.

And when a half moon sends a shadow,
blocking the twinkle of the brightest stars,
our spirit can tumble down a black hole,
that swallows our beating hearts,
making it difficult to breathe life…

For the light within, fades…. and steps stumble,
tripping on the daunting journey…
A clear path can be hard to see…
and that evil mysterious darkness – hides our precious key.

For we fight through the blinding fog,
and all the precious matter sends energy
rushing through our brittle bones,
Searching for warmth and trying to create hope –
One way, for our soul to thrive.
So the spirit fights to be free…and stay alive…

Light overcomes…
Love rules.
And love wins.

“The light shines in the darkness.
And the darkness has not overcome it.”

– Ariana R Cherry 2018



His Choice

It stood on the corner of its high rock cliff,
pearing down at an aching world below….

He saw a world of havoc, pain and confusion…
Love was lost in between the waves of dense fog
that hung heavy in the polluted air….

Standing on the corner,
Watching, waiting,
It folded his hands, gathering wisdom,
lost in its thoughts,
as he feathered out his angelic wings,
waiting for a descision to take flight.

Would the people understand…?
…Would they gather around and take note,
of this hurting land?
Or were they blind to all of the obscenities that
sinked this failing world’s boat?

… Will he make this choice,
to fall to his fate,
to recall his human form…
In hope, that one day, love could once again win
from the war of unending hate….

…He watched.
He thoughtfully waited….

A world in so much despair,
But this angel loved so much and had so much compassion-
It was hard not to care…

Pearing down at this world,
Waiting for its chance to be reborn….

He folded his unfurled wings, said a prayer,
stepped off his claimed cliff,
and fell,
to save a world from sin.

Ariana R. Cherry 2018


A summary of our life’s story

All rehashed on a small slip

Of paper…

Perhaps a photograph, inspiring poem, quote or verse…

that represents a quick thought of who we once were.

…that little slip of paper, that gets

Handed out, on the day, our body

returns to dust on our journey out

the door…

Too small to list our triumphs or hardships,

And unable to let us record the echoes of our laughter or the collected tears through the years…

That little slip of paper…

Perhaps it is filed away, crumpled into a pants or coat pocket or even blown away in the wind, for a stranger to find…

We can only hope our memories, treasures and love are

tucked away in our loved ones hearts and minds…

….what will be our last thoughts?…

Last words…on that little slip of paper?

Seems like such a small space for the large life we led…

…and seems so sad, if that’s all that’s left of us…once we’ve gone…

…a little pamphlet of our life,

Our last goodbye…

…it’s our passing to you, as our soul dances away, in the wind.



A River Gone Dry

A crumbling river of red and broken stones found itself
flowing through the cracks of an aching heart…
A hurting soul of human pain that painted
itself upon a heavy chest..…

Bits of escaping light attempted to sparkle through the
brick wall that seemed to suddenly cement itself,
creating a barren locked door.

Heavy was the soul,
although light attempted to fiercely travel
through the deepening cracks of its aching heart…

A sullen desert resided within her innocent eyes,
pools and rivers, gone dry,
with no tear, yet to cry…

How many years, weeks and days had gone by,
without a drop falling from heavy dry eyes?

….Heavy chest…
and hurting soul,
a heart begging for mercy called upon faith
to break down its doors,
so that a river could flow through the desert once more…

– Ariana R. Cherry 2018


All in a minute

within a tenth of a second,
we breathe the breath of life. 
Inhale the gift of air…
…and sigh…

In a brief moment,
we blink…
set focus to see…
To see…our life
in all of the wondrous amazement that it is…

In contemplation..
for seconds,
we may stare into the oblivion
trying to rationalize this state of living…

And all in between, our heart beats its life rhythm…
Allowing us to know…and feel that we are alive.

We are here…
In this fleeting moment.
This passing moment of living.

Within that precious, often under-analyzed
or perhaps even unintentionally under-appreciated moment…

an imprisoned tear escapes from our eye…
A much needed laugh is bellowed from the pit of our stomachs and out our mouths…
and a warm uplifting love is radiated
from our open awaiting hearts.

Our eternal souls are
flowing pools of unexpected human emotions.
We are alive…

All in a minute…

All in a minute,
it all can change…
so unexpectedly…

Appreciate the moment..
Live through the minute…


(Ariana R. Cherry 2018)

…The Journey
Our lives…
are delicate.
Our physical existence on this earthly plane,
is not forever,
but the heart of our souls lives on.
Objects and possessions are not to represent us,
Although, the love that we have been gifted,
can certainly be multiplied by thousands of times.
Each moment…
every breath…
Is a moment to be cherished
So many mysteries are unknown within this exquisite universe…
There are fleeting questions that dance throughout the winds…
….with answers that whisper the wisdom of life and where it all begins…
…not one of us will go untouched, in this heartfelt journey…
We are all to meet again…
and the tie, that unites us all…
is the love that stems and blooms from our heart,
For while it is indeed intricate…
There is nothing that can tear love, apart.
For all of us, our time here is fleeting…
but we all have our faith, which keeps our hearts beating…
We are simply eternal souls… on this delicate life journey…
Waiting for the day to meet our maker, and be united once again.
Ariana R. Cherry 2018
Secrets of the soul
Beneath every soul are secrets…
discovered…and undiscovered…
…and a river, flowing with many life stories
that have been told,
or are waiting to be told…
We are souls from every time and space,
..a unit of energy in an expanded
infinite universe
created of galaxies
and worlds…known
to the unknown…
From the hands of the maker,
he who holds our heart…
…we all have a mission
tied into our personal journey…
We’ve come so far,
but yet, have so far to go…
searching within our hearts
and trying to uncover
the secrets that we keep buried
so far deep within our soul…
…sometimes, we question,
just what is it,
that we are looking to find?
Perhaps, it could be simple,
that such answers are on just
the tip of our tongue,
Or we must dig deeper,
and widen our ears to listen…
As those answers could be heard
between the beating of our hearts…
For our struggles and questions
deem to be internal,
but our inquiring stories and sacred secrets
continue to fester….
As beings,
our souls are eternal,
forever, floating in an eternity
questionable existence.
– Ariana R. Cherry 2017