Dark Poetry: She Silently Screams

She Silently Screams Through the fire and flames, she foresaw the images of yesterday, the fears and the terrors that brought her nighttime dreams. Those things that haunted her mind, that made her silently scream. An uncharted past, that so diligently took up space in her head, that carried disturbing thoughts when she went toContinue reading “Dark Poetry: She Silently Screams”

Poem: Scattered Words: Giving life to words

SCATTERED WORDS Piles of words, laid scattered on the floor, trying to make sense of the mess. They quizzically spelled out what seemed to be a simple confusion. Phrases that so easily fit together, now seemed complicated and conflicted. Thoughts rambled, and the words were like dust, hiding under a thick silent fog, although theContinue reading “Poem: Scattered Words: Giving life to words”

Poem: Old Room of Memories

The room was tattered with lost forgotten memories. Dust hung in the air, clinging to silence. Echoes of voices from the past scratched at the walls… Twas a room that once held life… Heard laughter… And made memories… But now, the room sits here… Stagnant …. Frozen in time… -ariana cherry 2015 Follow me onContinue reading “Poem: Old Room of Memories”

Spiraling into the Abyss

Spiraling into the abyss. Spiraling into a deep dark abyss, she was interrupted during a time when she had just started living. A second of her life, had become measured into increments of what felt like an eternity. The dark abyss had captured her overworked mind, A mind that had become restless, keeping her awakeContinue reading “Spiraling into the Abyss”

Poem: An Infinite World of Multitude

I don’t  know how long I’ll be here, or what trials I will encounter, but I do know, that this life, is truly a gift from a superior power up above. The one whom we call Father, that we adore. Who gave us our first breath of life, when we came knocking at his door.Continue reading “Poem: An Infinite World of Multitude”

Easter Poem: Return to Life

RETURN TO LIFE His beaten battered marked body, was removed from the wooden cross from which he had been so horridly displayed. Jesus was then carried away to an old borrowed tomb, from which he would stay until the stone was rolled away. While his followers in their hearts believed, it was they who denied.Continue reading “Easter Poem: Return to Life”

Poem: Peter’s Betrayal and The Last Supper

With emotions of worry, doubt and some confusion, disciples who honored their honorable teacher, Jesus, joined him at the rustic table, ready for the Last Supper. Together, with open hearts, The disciples broke bread, and shared wine with their heavenly master. After a warning from Jesus, it was told that, one of them would betrayContinue reading “Poem: Peter’s Betrayal and The Last Supper”

Poem: Beyond the Universe

Beyond the Universe Beyond the vast universe, amongst the farthest plane where the stars burn on fire shining the brightest lights that are eyes could ever imagine, is another world, another place, Where realities tell a different tale- another perspective that our minds could perhaps not even fathom. Another open door that lead to aContinue reading “Poem: Beyond the Universe”