A Church in our Heart

There’s a church in our heart, The only foundation it needs is love.. No windows, walls or doors to enclose, There’s a church in our heart, Built on our own personal foundation. Based on a personal relationship Between you and God alone… No room for opinions No room for judgment. Just an everlasting supply ofContinue reading “A Church in our Heart”

Mortality and Eternity

  Tis, conversations can get quite versatilewhen it comes to discussions of our own mortality.Thoughts of eternity come to mind,and then silence takes place,bringing talks to a short lull. Might I offer you my friend,between me and you,there really is no end. All it takes is some observations,quiet thoughts and prayer,to realize-You really shouldn’t haveContinue reading “Mortality and Eternity”

The Silent Fight ( RIP Robin Williams)

When the silence Has become anything but golden, And the laughs forced, Listen beyond the sound… Somewhere in those giggles, A tear could be heard, falling to the ground… When someone has entered with their head staring at their feet, Go to them, with a smile and greet… Eye contact and a warm presence, CanContinue reading “The Silent Fight ( RIP Robin Williams)”

A Chance of Redemption ?

Is there an eternity where the wicked writhe in pain? A dark place down under with hot burning flames With no love to gain? Those who have made their wrongful mark, And stand no chance to repent- Do we really send them away, Never a chance of redemption Or a spiritual cleansing journey to embark?Continue reading “A Chance of Redemption ?”

Poetry: Life Carries On

Time is unlimited. I don’t know how long I’ll keep breathing. Or how long my heart will continue beating. But I know that my soul will carry on. My love is like the waters of the ocean. It flows on forever .. With each wave, my hope Transcends into peace and tranquility. A hope thatContinue reading “Poetry: Life Carries On”

Poem: May I have this dance?

May I have this dance? I stand here in the corner, in some type of foggy trance. May I have this dance? It’s been awhile, since I have been given the chance. In the dark, under the sparkling lights, My mind races back, trying to find that magical spark. May I have this dance? TheContinue reading “Poem: May I have this dance?”