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Without faith, what do we have? Without faith, then what is the point to living?

…Every one of us was put here for a reason…A reason to live. In those moments that we feel the smallest, we must remember that we have a purpose.

…What is your story ? What do you have to testify about your life so far?

In our own stories, we can find faith…

…in the darkness of the night, the earliest hours of the morning, we can find ourselves awake and feeling alone with our thoughts- wondering why are we here?…What is our purpose ? How much time do we have? …and the ultimate question: Is there life after death?….

And that is where our faith must walk in. We have faith that we will have eternal life. …because…without it- none of this makes sense…and not only do we have our faith and personal stories, we have John 3:16. (For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.).

…Faith has been the forefront that our ancient brothers and sisters searched and lived for- to them, we seek wisdom. For we can stand at the crossroads and look;ask for the ancient paths…(Jeremiah 6:16)

Your ancestors fought these same internal battles just as you have. We are all connected…but only separated by space and time.

…So in the darkness of the night, do not fret, do not worry your heart…Let your faith sing you a personal lullabye.

If you quiet your mind, your heart will tell you what you already know…(even if you might have forgotten). Your heart speaks to your soul…Faith is deep rooted inside of you…even when you thought you might have lost it…

Listen to the silence. Listen to your heart…call upon your soul…You’re still here. He’s listening…Always.

Faith will answer you…even in the lonely darkness of the night. It’ll light up your room.


We all have heard of Foreshadowing in literature….We all want that happy ending like in fairy tales…But does any of this apply to real life? Is there Foreshadowing in our lives? Are we being warned before we enter that darkness? Before trauma crosses our path?

We all have a story…a background from which we come from…Some of our stories are more black and white while others are splashes of color….and then, there are those that are desolate and cold….

I often wonder if the dark pigments of my childhood was a way to Foreshadow hardships that I would later face as an adult….? Was this a warning that I should have paid attention to…? Or was it basic training for the war that I would face later in life ? Was God preparing me for a fight I would later encounter? Or did I unconsciously pick a situation that only I had grown accustomed to?

For those of us who have had dark moments in our lives; when we were exposed to shouting and domestic disturbances in our younger years- we seem to find ourselves fighting similar battles that we once had been exposed to. Did we unconsciously choose to be in that situation because it was what we knew?

I keep searching for the why’s…Why did I face so many battles? Were there clues that I could not see? Had there been bread crumbs along the trail that I did not pick up? Or was I just a soldier in this game we call life ? A soldier who would later become a messenger to tell others of redemption and light?

After all, I’m still here…even if I did miss the hints of Foreshadowing. I can look God in the eye and say to him, ” We’re still here.”

….If you have faced the darkness and you feel there were moments of Foreshadowing you missed, don’t despair…You might have been a soldier in your wars, but now- you can deliver your story…Show others redemption- a story of light and love…

Maybe after awhile, you can finally stop asking, “Why?” …and you can ask “Who?” and “Where?” ….Who will you share your story with ? Where will you deliver your light? Foreshadow of what’s to come.

After all, we’re still here. So rise.


A warning…or indication of a future event.
Throughout our lives, events take place.

We question their timing…
The why’s…
…and when…
So many questions
Lead to impossible conundrums and
We look for clues.

Were we warned?
Did our divine father
leave simple hints?
Or were we blind to a truth that we didn’t want to see?

Does our life contain foreshadowing
For our mind to perceive…?
Or for perhaps our searching hearts, to feel?

Is our road life mapped out, with foreshadowing planned-
So we can see the construction up ahead?

….Can destiny be twisted ?
Or do we ultimately have faith, to let go of the reigns
From time to time?
Will we see the bumps on
this trail of life?

There are trials that
invade our safe spaces
and revelations that come to dawn…
yet, we move forward,
sometimes too quickly –
or not quick enough.

…We seek truth…
But, will the wisdom escape,
from the tip of our silent tongue,
as we await to be carried…
or do we seek the ultimate truth that is stored in the depths of
our heart strings…

– Ariana R Cherry 2018


…”Man is like a breath, his days are like a passing shadow...” – Psalm 144:4….

…. As I get older, I find myself realizing just exactly how short life really is…. When I was younger, life seemed to go slow…As a child, you wait for specific holidays, birthdays, summer vacations or the next day when your friend would come over. There was a lot of waiting, plenty of time to play – and there wasn’t as many responsibilities… But then you grow up.

And also, as a child, it seemed as if I was surrounded by many family members and friends…I don’t remember losing very many people back then. In fact, the only person that I vaguely remember is my grandfather, Joe Cherry, who passed away from Cancer when I was almost 9 years old…. My other grandfather, (Cliff Winnett) also passed from Cancer – but I was only about 2 – so I don’t remember it very well…

….As the years progress, life spins so much faster. You spend them working, running errands, raising families, trying to make time for hobbies and also probably spending too much time on the Internet…(thanks to the age of technology)…And…perhaps, we just aren’t taking enough time to really see life for what it is… Stopping…and just – experiencing life or gazing at the sunrise or sunset, looking at all the beautiful stars in the sky, hearing a baby or child’s laughter or learning something new…We so often forget to take time for all the little things…

In the midst of the hassle and hurry – you might have found out you lost a family member – or a close friend… and then – life just HITS you. We are not immortal beings. We are only here for a very short time. It’s during that time, not only does the grief of our loss takes over, but – we also realize our own mortality… Have we told those we care about that we love them? Are we experiencing life to the fullest? …

Just in case you need a reminder… Life is a gift. Life is to be treasured. Perhaps, we should try not to worry about those dirty dishes in the sink, or that hair that is out of place, or if we left the house without “putting on our face,” our shirt is wrinkled….or that the house is a mess….Maybe instead, we take time to see the constellations in the sky, gaze at the sunrise or sunset, take a walk with friends or family, enjoy playing a game with our kids (nieces, nephews, grand-kids) or just talking to them (as long as they will put away their phones!)… .

While I have not been impacted directly, there just have been a lot of deaths around me lately – and there are those that are sick (and possibly in their last weeks/days)…. And while I try to take time to enjoy the little things, I am starting to feel just how short life is. I’ve always heard the saying “Life is short“, but as I inch closer to 40 (another three years or so)… I have already lost a good handful of people who have impacted my life.

And while we are promised eternal life (“I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life”. – John 5:13), our journey on Earth is not forever…

…We really do not know when our last second is up… We don’t know when we will take our last breath…But until those moments, we must make this journey special, follow the calling of our hearts…and see…all the little things wrapped up – in this gift of life…




Soon, within hours, it will be 2018…. and I will spend a bit of time reflecting on the past year… and the journey I have taken to get to today…this present time… Few will know how difficult it has been for me to stay in the present and to not keep lingering in the past…In 2017, I’ve worked hard to keep marching forward and to creating new memories…

… Actually in 2017, I did a few things that I never would have seen myself doing four to five years ago because I wouldn’t  have had the courage… nor the confidence…. But somehow – as time has progressed, I’ve surprised myself in more ways than one… While the final outcome was indeed not perfect – I still took the leap to get out of my comfort zone…

…I am not writing this to brag. I am writing this as something to look back on as accomplishments…and maybe – somewhere out there – I can inspire someone else, who has been down a difficult road … or is now – experiencing life for the first time free from a difficult situation they may have been in before…

In 2017, I had the opportunity to attend a couple of local conventions to promote my books and myself as an author – Dark History and Horror Convention and Cil-Con. At the Dark History and Horror Convention, I participated in an author’s round table on a small stage …. I haven’t had the courage to be on a stage since I had been in plays back in high school… At Cil-Con – I spoke to many different people… probably more than I had done so at previous conventions…

I did a few public speaking “gigs.” I am not one who is comfortable speaking in front of crowds… In fact – it can be downright terrifying sometimes… But – I did it 3 times this year!… I created a program titled, “Rhymes Climbing Through Time,” ( which takes a look at a few of my favorite poets through the years and their history. I also talk about my poetry, a little bit of life experience and why I write poetry to share with others… I performed that specific program twice – Once for the Moultrie County Historical Society and then again for the local Rotary Club. Then my boyfriend and I created a program for those getting their start in writing. We did that presentation at the Lovington Public Library… There were few in attendance – but they all enjoyed it and asked us to come back again sometime….

Coming up in March 2018, I have been invited as a guest to the Art and Equality Convention in Savoy, Illinois where I will speak on domestic abuse…. That will be a large step for me.

Since late 2016, I have been taking piano lessons. This is something that I have always wanted to learn as a child. I love what I have learned so far and playing the piano. While I was completely terrified, I played a solo at the Arthur United Methodist Church some weeks ago. It was a combination of “Fur Elise” and “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven. I did stop a couple times, and confessed that I was indeed nervous… But I did get through it !…. Thinking of that experience still makes me nervous! It was my first time playing publicly. I hope that with time and more experience, I will grow less nervous doing this….

Also in 2017, I was invited to be a guest on a podcast  – “The Rift Radio.” I spoke about my poetry and writing…. And now – I am the host (with my boyfriend as the co-host) of my own podcast (Night Moves Radio) and part of the R.I.F.T.. Network which began this past August… We interview authors, artists and musicians each week on Thursday evenings. It has been fun getting to meet new people.

After approaching the Arthur General Store with my artwork and jewelry – it is now selling in their store.. and I have made great friends with its owners. It was wonderful for others to think that something I created was actually worth selling…. I never knew if the things I created were any good or not… I believe that has given me the confidence that I have needed to put my creations out there…

….Looking back – I could have never dreamed of getting to have such experiences. Over four years ago, I felt trapped and in a never-ending loop. I was convinced that I was not a person worthy of good things happening to her….I also worried whether I was a good  mother or not… I felt like I was living in a bubble and there was no room for me to grow as a person…

There may be times that my past haunts me… or I still hear the echoes of all the bad things that were said to me… But I continue to take heart, try to have faith and believe that I can do this thing that we call , “life.” …. And without a dream that I had so many years ago to reassure me of the love that I did indeed have and to have the strength to change a situation that was causing me grief and not allowing me to grow…. None of this would have been possible…

….Life is a journey and not everything is perfect… and sometimes – time may seem like its standing… But – we just need to have faith … Somehow we just have to keep moving forward …Even when the past tries to outreach its arms to drag you down, you have to literally pull away and ignore those ghosts in your head.

…. Remember…. you….are much stronger than what you think you are.

……Happy New Year.



Domestic violence resources:…/

……If you know of someone who may be experiencing domestic violence – help them break the silence….Contact someone asap….. Sometimes it is much more difficult for the person in the situation to call out for help…..


Ariana R. Cherry: 5-Star Author


Normal Love

I thought my life was normal.
Caught up in my own farce,
I thought it was what
all the other couples did.
I knew no other way.

I let you let me cry.
I thought it was okay,
to feel like you wanted to die.

I saw others’ happiness…
I secretly watched that other guy,
lovingly caress
her face.
I thought it was all play,
not real.

In my world,
Love would not allow you
to feel.

Years of fighting an unruly heart,
While I allowed you to tear it apart,
and I never got to put it back together
EACH time.

I thought it was normal,
to feel so broken.

One late evening,
feeling so incredibly alone…
I had a recognition.

My heart cried out for life.
It begged to be realized.
It asked, that I run away
from the inflicting knife.

It beat at the thoughts

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“…without poetry….or “fine tuned literature,” we would not be able to describe or write our emotions that bury themselves so far deep in our hearts….or those that hide behind the deep dark doors in the back of our minds.
Words are our escape – the way to express our feelings – when we can not express through our frightened closed tight mouths.”
-Ariana R. Cherry