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Ariana R. Cherry: 5-Star Author


Normal Love

I thought my life was normal.
Caught up in my own farce,
I thought it was what
all the other couples did.
I knew no other way.

I let you let me cry.
I thought it was okay,
to feel like you wanted to die.

I saw others’ happiness…
I secretly watched that other guy,
lovingly caress
her face.
I thought it was all play,
not real.

In my world,
Love would not allow you
to feel.

Years of fighting an unruly heart,
While I allowed you to tear it apart,
and I never got to put it back together
EACH time.

I thought it was normal,
to feel so broken.

One late evening,
feeling so incredibly alone…
I had a recognition.

My heart cried out for life.
It begged to be realized.
It asked, that I run away
from the inflicting knife.

It beat at the thoughts

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“…without poetry….or “fine tuned literature,” we would not be able to describe or write our emotions that bury themselves so far deep in our hearts….or those that hide behind the deep dark doors in the back of our minds.
Words are our escape – the way to express our feelings – when we can not express through our frightened closed tight mouths.”
-Ariana R. Cherry


Do you ever feel like…in the midst of silence….or relaxation…that you are waiting….Waiting on something …something to happen….or something to …end…

Of course- there is the waiting in line, waiting on the telephone…waiting on a friend…But there is that silent “waiting”…As the earth continues to spin, as night becomes day and day becomes night, we wait.

I feel like I am …waiting sometimes. I am not sure for what though. I am not quite sure what, but I have always felt like I could have a short life. I sure hope not and plan to be around for awhile – but I know that isn’t entirely my decision- only one person knows when that day will come. But even as a child, I wasn’t someone who had big dreams of weddings or families. Don’t get me wrong – I like little kids and I love family events and I love my family dearly. But there was a class in my high school where you would form together your own “Wedding Booklet.” That idea seemed foreign to me…. I didn’t take that class for that reason actually…While it is great to have relationships in life, family and friends – I wanted something deeper in life….relationships can indeed be deep and meaningful – but these “kite dreams,” – seemed…unnecessary to me. I used to watch those TLC wedding shows and thought that they were insane for spending huge amounts of money on weddings – after-all – they have the rest of their life ahead of them…waiting…to be experienced… Again….waiting.

I can sit in the stone of silence….and feel as if I am waiting…. My whole life I have felt like I am waiting for something – but I am just not sure what….as I grow older, that feeling intensifies…. Am I waiting for that deeper experience? Am I looking for a piece of ancient article for the meaning of life?… Am I waiting for that booming voice to talk to me and say…”yes, my child!…” ..What am I waiting for? In the mean-time, I will continue to live life the best I can and conqueror the trials and tribulations…. and wait… to see what is in store.


Isaiah 43:18-19

“Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”


I posted that scripture in our weekly church email where I work today … But it also has some meaning to me… I did a search in Google for scriptures about “trying new things,” and that is one of the verses that caught my attention…

Yet again, I have been diagnosed with another health issue ( I already have IBS, Diverticulitis, Asthma and Diabetes)… For over a month, I’ve had some pretty terrible back and side aches (flank pain) along with pretty frequent trips to the restroom. It felt like a bad UTI – but when I was tested – there was no bacteria. I was first told it was a bladder infection, on the way to the ER one day – I was told I had appendicitis and then after that, I was told I had cysts on my ovaries – But all of those diagnosis were WRONG- but I continued to be in pain. So I bugged my doctor some more until she finally said she couldn’t quite figure it out and referred me to a urologist…Just a couple days ago, I found out I have Interstitial Cystitis or “Painful Bladder Syndrome.” (you can find more information about it here).

I will be receiving treatments once a week for the next month and then I’ll have an evaluation after the month to see if I need continued treatments or just maintenance.Along with that, I also will need to change my diet. I have to cut out caffeine, a lot of fruits and some vegetables, spicy foods and basically – anything with acid. With IC, your bladder lining is inflamed and irritated – so basically all of these acids are irritating your bladder – which causes the pain and frequent urination.  While there is no cure, the symptoms can be treated – and sometimes, it can go away … (With proper changes to your diet and treatment)… It really depends on the severity of the disease…

… So I will be trying a new diet and a new way to eat…. As I have already done before with my IBS, diverticulitis and Diabetes…. I often ask myself why I have to keep dealing with all these little health issues along the way – but then I realize – my situation could be much worse… I am a very motivated person…and right now – I am very motivated to not be in pain… But sometimes I feel like I just keep being told…”you can’t eat this….you can’t eat that…and nope – I am sorry – that is good food – but you just can’t have it.”

Of course, there is much more to life than food – but it is a necessity for living…. I am just going to have to learn to eat more natural and homemade things, a lot of fish and chicken and drink a lot of water and milk…Thank goodness I can still have ice cream! (as long as it isn’t chocolate or has problematic fruits)…. 

So maybe this change in diet – can be a good thing – maybe I will feel better or even healthier…While I can remember how the old days used to be – I can travel through this “wilderness” and embrace a better and hopefully healthier, less painful life…

Sometimes – God brings new things to our life for the better…even if we may not like it – there usually is a reason for it – There is always a reason for everything in life… It might be stressful – but I was told by a friend – He never gives us more than we can handle – and well – I have dealt with my share of things in life – …. He must think I am pretty strong…I may not feel strong on some days…but I keep on this journey- wondering where it all is going to take me… 



I am not one who takes life lightly, nor do I fuss over the normal every day things…If a person were to ask me what I was thinking about…they might be sorry they asked . I am constantly contemplating life, the universe, our reason for being and the conundrum of eternity….

There are some days – I wish I was a simpler person ….just some days...but then if I was – I would get quite bored with myself.

I am on a journey….we all are on a journey. Of course, life is a journey – it never really ends actually. We are beings who are continuously learning…We each have our very own “path” to travel.

I walk a very fine middle line and I feel like I am doing a tight rope dance at times…I may veer slightly to one side and then, so I don’t lose balance, I will lean towards the other….I never have completely went one way…And I don’t know if that is good…or bad.

…Is there really one right way to live our life – or are we meant to live with the path we have been given? What if that path we were given was meant to change? What if it wasn’t? Are we walking the right path that our creator wants us to?

We all want something to believe in – a higher power. Being a Christian, I believe in God – our Father who created us…I believe he is the master artist behind all the beauty in this world…. A fine painter that He is…I know He loves us unconditionally….

That is one path that I walk down my tight rope…

Then I have questions….and fears….I worry that the questions I have are somehow – wrong- to have….or if it means I am questioning my own faith…

I  am in love with nature…I don’t worship any of it, but when I am outdoors in the woods…I find peace…I feel closer to God….sometimes I feel closer to our creator in the deep of the woods than in a church (and then I wonder …is that okay? )

I love writing poetry and mini stories that deal with the “dark” side of things….But I always have my saying…”One sometimes has to walk through the darkness to reach the light…” Some may find that “darkness” taboo…or wonder how a Christian could write such things…But at one time or another – we all have experienced darkness in our lives…I write about that darkness for people to relate to…to know they aren’t alone…

It isn’t easy being a horror writer sometimes….But I feel that I have been directed to use my gift of writing to help “counsel” others….

And – is there really any “correct” type of Christian or religion ? No matter our religions – we all were made in the eye of a mighty creator….We weren’t evolved by some big bang that happened thousands of years ago ….And for humans to have such complex thoughts….for us to evolve and have compassion…to have feelings….TO me – that isn’t science….We are all masterpieces – a piece of artwork in the making with journeys to take…

Not only are we just human, but inside of each of us – is a soul that dwells which longs for a home after this one…an eternal home that we all hope to go to…(how can that be merely science?)….

And then there’s that word eternal…which sends me into another conundrum and another thought loop….(such as…what does eternity feel like  – or will we even feel eternity?)…

Some days – these thoughts are just looped together like this…and I will pull them apart, contemplate and seek to find answers…And I’ve only been doing this….for the majority of my life…

(It doesn’t help that we’ve had lots of rain the last few days with no sunshine)….That is how my mind usually gets here….

(End of thought loop). 










…It’s been one of those weeks – where for a few days, you were literally running on adrenaline- and then, you come crashing down to a halt. I learned of my step-grandmother’s passing this past Monday  – although- she never was Just “step” to me – she was just grandma.

We had her funeral and memorial service on Thursday …They both were wonderful services – and we had sunshine during her funeral service – when the weather called for rain and thunderstorms- for that time – we were delivered sunshine…

My brother and I spent a lot of time with her as children and she took us everywhere ….She introduced me to my first hog roast ( I’d never been to one – nor had I realized at the time, I would literally see a hog roasting!)- her response – “Well..what did you think it was going to be?”  she asked with a laugh…. She introduced me to church and God… Gramsandi was a devout Christian , a comedian, sassy, and said what was on her mind – was blunt – but at the same time- very loving.  Her passing came as a shock….and it attacked my emotions just minutes after hearing the news…Somehow – because of her devotion to Christ – I felt like she would live forever…(well – eternally – she will)…

-I was pretty sad about losing her, but also – it brought me back to my other close grandmother, June Cherry’s passing 8 years ago – who passed away on April 9, 2009… Grandsandi’s’ passing was so close to the anniversary of that death – which I was preparing myself for once again…

Losing someone is never easy – especially if it is family or a close friend…Not only are we grieving over the loss – but at the same time, we realize the length of our own mortality. This life on earth is not forever…. Again – we are reminded… that we too, will one day cross that bridge… All we have here is time …and our time here – is not eternal.  Every day is a blessing. It is so important to love all that you can – love your family – love your friends – love your neighbor. …. These material things we have here in our earthly lives – they are just THINGS….but LOVE…. that is eternal…

I have to openly admit- I think about my own mortality at least once every day … and I try to make sure that I have done something to make the best of each day and have told at least one person that I love them…. As I grow older – I learn what is important to me.  I realize how money does not buy time….nor happiness. I have found that happiness comes from deep within and from doing good in this life… yes – this world makes it hard to live that way – so many things call for money in order to live and keep a roof over our heads…. It’s a struggle every day… But I try not to WANT so many things….instead.. I try to give all I can…-at least give what I can …because life can make that hard too…

I dream of a life eternal (although,  I will honestly admit, the idea of eternity frightens me too, sometimes), but I do hope I will see all of those that I love once again…. At least once a day, I fear the thought of losing those who are close to me…. I adore all of my friends and family – and I really don’t look forward to the day that I say goodbye to any of them – but I have faith….hopeful faith… that I will see them again.. .Because – without faith – then what is all this for anyway? You have to have faith…. We have to have faith in a life eternal….Because if not – then what is the point?


My writing and art was featured in an article written by Realistic Poetry International.




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