Sharing a dream I had…You can decide whether it was real….or just a dream….

I had an interesting dream a few nights ago. A lot weighs on my mind in the evenings. I think about so many things… I’ve been contemplating whether to post this or not – because I really am not sure if anyone would believe me or not… Or they would tell me… “It was justContinue reading “Sharing a dream I had…You can decide whether it was real….or just a dream….”

Poetry: Words Whispered from Far Away (Advice for the New Year)

    …Words Whispered from Far Away (Advice for the new year) ********************************************* There are words deep within thy heart, threaded through the many active strands of my curious mind that have been trickling through my awaiting fingertips trying to find their place on blank paper… The cryptic verses seem to be traveling from afar,Continue reading “Poetry: Words Whispered from Far Away (Advice for the New Year)”

Christmas Poetry: A New Light

A NEW LIGHT by Ariana R Cherry In the beginning, There was darkness… And then he said, “Let there be light…” And a light shone into the new world. Several generations later, well after the creation of Adam and Eve, A disrupted world was found in despair… … its people broken and hurting, in turmoilContinue reading “Christmas Poetry: A New Light”

I’ve written and composed a song titled, “You Are Near.”

  Along with writing poetry, I have begun learning to write my own music. A couple years ago, I started taking piano lessons, and once I began learning the notes and how to play some chords, I really wanted to write my own music… “You Are Near,” is the first song that I have writtenContinue reading “I’ve written and composed a song titled, “You Are Near.””

Poetry: I Saw You

  ….The poem below was inspired by a recent Bible study we are doing in church… It was talking about consequences, discipline and if we were ever given second chances or if you received the consequences of your actions… ….While I am not sure about receiving discipline …. I do remember a time or two,Continue reading “Poetry: I Saw You”

Learning to Adjust to Life’s Adjustments

  …”Learning to Adjust to Life’s “adjustments” *********************** Over the last two months and my recent “diagnosis” of Fibromyalgia from my doctor, I’ve had to learn to “adjust.”… ..My mind is always going… I have idea after idea – and I want to do all of these ideas. I am always in “create mode.” TheContinue reading “Learning to Adjust to Life’s Adjustments”

It’s hard being a loving Christian in today’s world…

Today’s world is getting so confusing, tougher to live in and understand. Of course, I am sure we have heard similar words spoken from our parents and grandparents – and other family as well. But what I am finding even harder… is trying to be a loving Christian living in this world… The church hasContinue reading “It’s hard being a loving Christian in today’s world…”

…Trying to live in an “insensitive world”

Please forgive me for this post..but I need to vent and release some emotions… You may continue to read if you wish… But it isn’t necessarily a happy post….. And if you do stick around to read…thank you for “listening…” _________________________________________________ I know when we were young, our grandparents often told us how different theContinue reading “…Trying to live in an “insensitive world””

Eve’s Story-“Don’t Talk to Serpents” – An Autobiography

I am participating in the “Fast Track Bible Study” at the United Methodist Church… One of the questions asked “to know more” to write a short autobiography of Adam and Eve… or the Tower of Babel…. I had some fun with Eve – and thought I’d share here what I wrote. I had fun writing this….Enjoy!Continue reading “Eve’s Story-“Don’t Talk to Serpents” – An Autobiography”