Life on Pause: “You’ve Taught Me”

  You’ve taught me that I am stronger than I thought I was… You’ve taught me that I can move on… I am fearless I am independent… Heartbreak I have had, It still is healing. You’ve taught me that life goes on. As time moved on, I’ve learned that love is real- it doesn’t haven’tContinue reading “Life on Pause: “You’ve Taught Me””

Life on Pause: Joy to the World

  Halloween has come and gone… The turkey has been ate and the leftovers have been fixed… So what comes  next? …Mistletoe and holly… Christmas spirit and silent nights… The holidays are upon us…again. Every year, as I get older, Christmas gets a little harder… The roughest Christmas was the first one after I lostContinue reading “Life on Pause: Joy to the World”

What Happens When We Go Incognito?

There’s been a point in our lives – when we weren’t really ourselves… Whether that is if we were acting as someone else for a bit in  a play, dressed up for Halloween or perhaps- we mentally, checked out, even if we were physically there… It’s interesting to see how people will treat us, whenContinue reading “What Happens When We Go Incognito?”

Starting something new….Fixing…broken?

After the Illinois budget hadn’t been passed for several weeks, I was laid off from a job I’d faithfully had for 12 years. I was laid off for a month. During that month, I applied for a job as an Administrative Aid at a nearby church….Although I did get called back to my job, IContinue reading “Starting something new….Fixing…broken?”

Inspirational Sayings: Choices

(Going back in history today. I wrote this as a status update last year in November and it could actually help people I think. Just thought I would share it. ) The choices you have in life will either eat you up inside-or set you free. Sometimes, you have to leave it to the universe,Continue reading “Inspirational Sayings: Choices”

Poem: It’s Okay Not to Plan

—Found another old poem on my time-line. I wrote it  back in December of 2014.– It’s Okay…Not to Plan Sometimes… If we live life as a plan… Planning for each moment, We forget to enjoy the surprises And all the little things in life… If we plan to live. Then we don’t really See life…Continue reading “Poem: It’s Okay Not to Plan”

Illinois Budget Crisis: Why Illinois needs to pass a budget

Why Illinois needs to pass a budget People and organizations in Illinois are hurting in more ways than one. Families and individuals who depended on government benefits have had to take a serious cut on the financial assistance that they receive. The Ameren PIPP (Percentage of Income Payment Plan) has become non-existent. The LIHEAP programContinue reading “Illinois Budget Crisis: Why Illinois needs to pass a budget”

Life on Pause: Starting over and Disorientation…

Good news… I did get called back to work after being laid off for a month-although, Illinois still hasn’t passed a budget…I also had an interview at another possible job…. Two positives 🙂 In other news…. I still feel- conflicted. While I will be somewhat back to my “regularly scheduled program,” (work, newspaper meetings, churchContinue reading “Life on Pause: Starting over and Disorientation…”