Life on Pause: Mind war and ramblings

Sometimes there are days I feel like the entire world is against me. I can wake up and the day starts out fine and by evening, my mind is a roaring mess. I internalize everything to keep from falling apart on others and telling them how I really feel or how they really hurt me.Continue reading “Life on Pause: Mind war and ramblings”

Life on Pause: Pleasing others ….and trying to find my own happiness

So I have to admit, I have been a “people pleaser” for the majority of my life. I’ve played it safe, and always have done what I believed is right. I made sure what I was doing, was right in the eyes of everyone else too. It takes a lot for me to admit that. IContinue reading “Life on Pause: Pleasing others ….and trying to find my own happiness”

Stranger in the Mirror

Stranger in the Mirror In the mirror, an unknown world presents its reflection, As a stranger with familiar eyes, stares back… A place that was once identifiable, Now seemed unrecognizable, As a fog covered the dusty glass… What always showed beyond the reflection Wasn’t always the reality, That the mind foretold… The stranger with familiarContinue reading “Stranger in the Mirror”

Poem: Scattered Words: Giving life to words

SCATTERED WORDS Piles of words, laid scattered on the floor, trying to make sense of the mess. They quizzically spelled out what seemed to be a simple confusion. Phrases that so easily fit together, now seemed complicated and conflicted. Thoughts rambled, and the words were like dust, hiding under a thick silent fog, although theContinue reading “Poem: Scattered Words: Giving life to words”

Poem: An Infinite World of Multitude

I don’t  know how long I’ll be here, or what trials I will encounter, but I do know, that this life, is truly a gift from a superior power up above. The one whom we call Father, that we adore. Who gave us our first breath of life, when we came knocking at his door.Continue reading “Poem: An Infinite World of Multitude”

GOD Does Not Belong in a Box

His Love is Everywhere Where does God start in your life? In your place of peace, where do you feel God the most? Do you feel him when you first wake up in the mornings? Is he with you during that first cup of coffee? Or perhaps on that morning stroll, as you bask inContinue reading “GOD Does Not Belong in a Box”