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My epic poetic horror tale, “Only If” received its second five-star review from Realistic Poetry International…


Review of Only If by Ariana R Cherry

Ariana’s poetry epic “Only If” is a tragic tale of love, friendship, betrayal, and toxic jealousy that leaves you speechless! Shocking emotional twists spiral the lives of three individuals, Bill, Michael, and Clara, into a loathing cyclone of inescapable misery and despair. Severed hearts and heightened emotions then inevitably lead to a dark, cold, and lonely prison cell where Bill, an innocent man, is locked away as a prisoner for a crime he did not commit….(Click here to continue reading the review).

Interested in reading, “Only If” to see what the excitement is all about?  

Only $5.99 at Amazon- available in paperback and on Kindle.  Click here to  buy “Only If.”


I was interviewed at the Read Write Club website and asked a series of questions- some of them asked about how I was inspired, what I am currently reading and upcoming projects…

Check out the interview by clicking on the link below:


For those who may be interested in any upcoming books that I have planned for release, I have a set a schedule of when my books will be published.

This way you can stay updated on my upcoming collections. Of course, I will blog about new stories – and give you all exclusive previews as well…



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Only If – part 2: Clara’s Story (End of March 2017/1st week of April)

Poetry Collection: “Between Light and Darkness” (May 2017)

Poetry Collection: “My Broken Wings” (June 2017)

Only If- part 3 -What Agatha Knew” (December 2017)

Epic Poetry Tale: “The New World” ( January 2018)


Fears of a writer…


I’m afraid I’m not any good.”
None of my books are selling…

I must not be any good…

I just wrote something new.
What if nobody likes it?

I’m afraid I’m not any good…

What will people think of me after they read my new book?
Does this story make me sound insane?

Am I insane?

I’m afraid I’m not any good…

Will my book ever be sold in a book store?
And when it does – will I be able to leave the store –
or will I stand guard all day –
just to see if anybody buys it?

Or will the customers know I’m THAT author-
because of my obvious goofy grin.

I’m afraid I’m not any good…

Will anyone ever read what I write….
and like it?
Or will they look at me and
or pat me on the back …hopefully?

I’m afraid I’m not any good…

Will I be one of those authors whose
work is found…
after I’m dead?

I’m afraid I’m not any good…

Will I ever be read?

(Ariana R. Cherry 2017)


I’ve always said that I don’t write to get rich… I write just so that perhaps I may inspire others – or to just share a story or two….Poetry seems to be the language in which I do that best…

While I have not made a best seller list – (which – would be a total dream of mine) nor have I gotten rich (far and few royalties here and there), there have been some people reading my work as of recent – and it makes me happy that others are taking time out of their schedule to do so.

I have received a few reviews recently and am quite happy with what they have had to say. I never knew if my writing was actually any good or not… I know there will be those who may not enjoy my work (which is fine), but it has been nice to read positive reviews… It inspires me to keep on writing and share the stories & poems which I have to tell…

If you are interested in reading the reviews I have received (most I have already posted on here before), you can see them on my blog by clicking on the link below:

Thank you to those who continue to read what I write…I really do appreciate it.


0d65ca79536b3a7d84a7a7b98662345eA question writers often get asked…. “What inspires you? I  am here to answer that question.

I always find it an easy question to answer – because the thing that inspires me – is what is directly in front of me – LIFE! There are so many things to life – How can you not write about it?

“But – you write horror…is your life horrific or something?” No- my life is not horrific – nor has it been perfect… But – whose life has been perfect? We’ve all been through something and even with the things we’ve been through – there are some parts of our life – that are still very worth living….Although – I am  getting off topic.

My inspiration – is to write about those darkest moments…to write about the places that our mind takes us – but we are afraid to talk about…I want to expose those darkest fears- so that we can fight them – expose them for what they are …until the light dissipates them into the deep dark abyss of nothingness – so they will no longer hurt us again.  If we can talk about those dark scary moments that we put in the back of our minds-we can conquer the toughest and darkest things in our life…

As I have said – “Sometimes, you have to conquer the darkness…to see the light.”

Now-there are times – I need to “warm up” like all sport players do before a game. And I have a way to warm up to write horror.. And that is my “Horror Playing List.” They are a mix of Gothic Rock and Steam Punk…and a couple girl rock bands (But I have a wide variety of tastes of music – this isn’t all that I listen to – but I will talk about that another time). 

What is on my Horror Playing List?

1. Voltaire

2. Abney Park

3. Within Temptation

4. Johnny Hollow

5. Sirenia

6. Elane

These groups have some great songs that tell stories, spooky like tunes and motivational refrains…And a beat that keeps you writing till “The End.”

So it isn’t just the music that inspires me – the music is a warm up – Life is my inspiration – I am being inspired- every single day.

My motivation – to rescue you from your demons – and the things that haunt you the most.


It really can be scary – being a little book in such a large world of books. As an indie author – we feel that we might have just wrote one of the most fear-inducing books – but there is that chance – our story could float into the abyss of total darkness…

In my earlier writing days, I submitted my work to many publishing houses. Some of my poems were published into anthologies and a variety of online magazines… But – I couldn’t grab that- forsaken brass ring for a publishing deal. I really wanted a collection of poems with my name on it… It was wonderful to be among so many talented writers – but as an author – there is nothing like seeing a book in print – with your name across it. I am not quite positive exactly how to express that feeling – but it is a sense of accomplishment.

Once self-publishing became the new thing to do though – I ran with it. My first self-publishing gig was with I published a couple books with them before I heard about Create Space through Amazon. Now Amazon is my go-to publisher. So far, I have published about six books… Not near as many as Stephen King and not even close to the number of books that Danielle Steel whips out each year…

While it has been great to finally publish my own stories, I realize how hard it is to break into the publishing world. There are so many stories being told every day! The moment I publish a book – it could easily just float into the total book abyss – utter blackness…never to be picked up off the shelf…

Which leads to why – many indie authors bug their friends and family to read their work….We hope that perhaps they just might like  what they read and pass the word onto their friends…. (We can only hope)… Then as indie authors – we kind of have to “toot our own horn.” That is one thing that I have trouble with- I feel like I am bragging…but I have to remind myself – it is just marketing…

So – how do I get my books out there before they are devoured by the “no-return book monster thief..” ?

Well- so far, I am working on the answer to that question. I have written my own press releases and submitted them to area newspapers… Locally – many know me as an author… That is great… but – my book sales are still kinda down…

I have created a Facebook Page for a few of my books – That got me a few hits and some interest – but…book sales were…hmm…kinda low.

I began to attend conventions where my horror books will be of interest to its guests. Horror conventions are a lot of fun -you get to meet wonderfully imaginative people and a chance to get your book noticed by the public….and you make connections..Great for marketing.

I have an account with many social networks where I post links to my books on Amazon and blog. This gets me a lot of hits to my blog and increases my followers- which builds my audience… I love having an audience to share my work with…Even if I never hit it big-that is okay. If I am able to inspire and entertain readers – I have succeeded.

While it isn’t fortune or fame that I want – it just a few moments of a reader’s time. My goal is to entertain, inspire and (sometimes) frighten them just for fun. If I make a little money on the side from it – great – ….

I just don’t want my story to float away into darkness… to be forgotten about. I’d like to know that I made a difference in somebody’s life – perhaps inspired them to write – or maybe even inspired an idea for another story – or even a movie…..Or I hope that I might have helped someone fight their own personal demons…and found their way back to the light, after venturing into the darkness…One of my mottoes is…”Sometimes one has to conquer the darkness, before they can find their way back to the light.”

If there are other authors out there – who have ways that they bring the attention of their books to readers – I would be interested in hearing about it… I really don’t want my stories to fall into the abyss….I want them front and center – in the moonlight, being read around a campfire, or even in the dark ….late at night….Once that happens – I know that I have done my job…